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    is credited with being a pioneer in early protective devices such as the shin guard. It's said he made some developments around 06-09...

    Name the sports figure who actually patented shin guards in 1902. He may have been the first.His patent states that they would be useful to football,cricket etc players. His last name should be recognized by almost anyone who follows the history of baseball to some degree.
    I don't think this is on the web.. But who knows?

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    The patent was issued to someone else.. I'm speculating the whole family made a lot of money in regards to patents and baseball. Other relatives of this man received patents in regards to the sport as well.


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      According to my informations Negro League player Chappie Johnson wore it in 1902 but I don't know whether he invented them.

      Other Negro League players Frank Grant and Bud Fowler are sometimes credited with inventing them too.


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        It's a tough one in that, I suspect several players may have worn or used them before someone actually took out a patent on them.


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          I've read Harry Steinfeldt, Michael Kahoe, and Jay Clarke.
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            Ben Shibe the A's owner and sporting goods dealer. His daughter was married to Reach the Phillys owner and was also his sporting goods partner. Besides his patent for the cork center baseball, he also was issued patents for gloves and balls as far back as the early 80's. He also was issued a patent for shin guards in 02.He's one of those guys you don't hear too much about.He sounds interesting enough that I wish there was more info about him. Anyone know of a book on him?
            The reason I thought his last name would be remembered by non baseball fans is of course, Shibe Park.


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