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Most RBI with 10 or less home runs?

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  • Most RBI with 10 or less home runs?

    Who has the most RBI in a season with less than 10 home runs?

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    Cap Anson in 1886 had 147 RBIs with 10 HRs

    If you are looking for less than 10 (and not equal to), Ed Delahanty had 137 RBIs with 9 HRs in 1899

    If you are looking for post-1900, Paul Waner had 131 RBIs in 1927 with 9 HRs


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      Paul Molitor also had 113 RBIs in 1996 with 9 HRs, which is the most since 1950


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        Thanks, I was looking for more recent ones, so the Paul Molitor season was excellent! Keep em coming.

        One observation though, isn't it ironic Paul Molitor had the most RBI's in his career in one of his lowest HR seasons?


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          If you want more recent ones,
          Dixie Walker wasn't bad in 1945
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            100+ RBI with the fewest HRs:
            1896 Hughie Jennings 0 HR 121 RBI
            1902 Lave Cross 0 HR 108 RBI

            post 1949:
            1950 George Kell 8 HRs, 101 RBI
            1985 Tom Herr 8 HRs, 110 RBI

            post 1999:
            2000 Jeff Cirillo 11 HRs, 115 RBI


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