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    Name the major league who did something risque like Burt Reynolds did.

    Name the major leaguer who used the F word on the national television broadcast of a major league game.(hope there wasn't more than one)

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    Originally posted by janduscframe
    Name the major league who did something risque like Burt Reynolds did.
    Well, Kazuhito Tadano, a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, appeared in a gay Japanese porno movie. The reason he's playing in the U.S. is because no Japanese team would sign him.


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      Brad Lidge accidentally dropped the F-bomb last year when the Astros beat the Cubs on the final day of the regular season to earn the wildcard berth. His parents reportedly called him up and expressed their disappointment in his choice of words prompting one of Lidge's teammates to suggest his parents grounded him Might not be the one you're looking for, but Lidge is indeed guilty.
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        It appears it happened more than once. This was a former player who did it back in the days of Monday night baseball.

        number one has a very famous relative who was probably the best ever in his field

        and number two was known for his speed at doing something,though it was faked.


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          I better kill number 2 as it appears there were quite a few who've used the F word on national tv. I was looking for Chuck Connors... He was made to appear fast with the rifle of course..

          Number one though has a very very very very very fast relative.When this major leaguer's uncle was doing what he did best, the ballplayer would literally have to look up to his uncle.


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            Steve Yeager and Uncle Chuck.


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              Yup, Steve came up with the idea of the chin strap and posed as a centerfold in Playgirl just like Reynolds did in Cosmo.
              I wonder if he wore his chin strap during the shooting of the spread.


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