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  • Blinded by the light

    There have been major leaguers who have lost their eyesight during their playing days. Conigliaro,Solters,Puckett etc.. Others have gone blind after their playing days.

    Name the All Star who went blind before reaching the majors.....The guy who saved his life later died from his injuries.

    I should add that this had nothing to do with a war. I realize several players had incidents with mustard gas during WW1.
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    The explosion may have been in Burleigh Grime's hometown paper..


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      Several times an All Star but never topped the league in anything. Still living as of last year I'm quite sure. An outfielder.


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        This one ain't going anywhere.

        Andy Pafko was badly burned and blinded as a youth when a furnace blew up.
        One person died in the incident. His hometown of Boyceville WI is fairly close to Grime's hometown of Emerald or Clear Lake WI. He of course recovered his sight. I heard him as a guest on a Brewer game last season so he was alive at least this past summer.


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