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Postseason Pitcher's Hitting Feats

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  • Postseason Pitcher's Hitting Feats

    Here are a few pitcher's batting hitting trivia questions.

    1. Who has the highest career slugging percentage among pitchers only (no Babe Ruth) in the World Series, minimum 10 ABs?

    2. Who has the career most hits by a pitcher in World Series games?

    3. What pitcher had the most at bats in the World Series?

    4. What two teammate pitchers hit grand slam home runs in the same postseason?

    5. Who was the last pitcher to pinch hit in a World Series?

    Hints: Only one answer is a pitcher for the Yankees

    Only one answer has a pitcher still active

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    I'll throw out some guesses.

    1. Madison Bumgarner?

    2. Bob Gibson?

    3. Whitey Ford?

    4. I believe Dave McNally is the only pitcher to hit a grand slam in World Series play. Maybe the other was a teammate of his? Dick Hall? I believe he started as a position player.

    5. I know Rick Aguilera was used as a pinch-hitter in the 1991 World Series. Was it him?
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      You have one fully correct answer

      1. The pitcher with the highest career slugging percentage in World Series play is not anybody you would ever guess. His lifetime SLG was just .208, but in multiple World Series, it was .833 with 3 doubles and a homer in 12 at bats. He was a 20-game winner during one of those WS appearance but not considered one of the top two pitchers on the team.

      2. The pitcher with the most career WS hits played his entire career in the Big Apple. He had 9 hits in 4 World Series, and he won at least 20 games every year he pitched in the World Series.

      3. You are correct, sir. Whitey Ford had 49 World Series at bats

      4. One pitcher hit his homer in the World Series, and the teammate did so in the Championship Series.

      5. The last pitcher to pinch-hit in the World Series did so in this during the current decade.


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        2. Spud Chandler? I'm having a hard time thinking of pitchers who played their entire careers in New York.

        4. Dave McNally and Mike Cuellar?

        5. Would this one be Madison Bumgarner?
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          #2 is incorrect.

          #5 is also incorrect

          You do have #4 correct now. Mike Cuellar hit the Grand Slam against Minnesota in the ALCS, and Dave McNally hit the WS Grand Slam a week later.

          #2 is a hall of famer. He was not known as a great hitter and definitely not a power hitter, but he was known for his incredible repertoire of 4 to 6 different pitches he could use for "Out" pitches.

          #1 previously played for a team that folded after getting a big lead. He was 10-1 in early June and on pace for 30 wins, but he and his team collapsed in the heat of summer, and he finished with just 17 wins. He had issues with his manager and requested a trade, where he proceeded to play on multiple World Series championship teams.


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            OK, let's try some more guesses:

            1. I'm drawing a blank.

            2. Even though he pitched the final game of his career with Cincinnati, I'll guess Christy Mathewson.

            5. Random guess: Jon Lester? I can't recall this moment, so I either forgot it or didn't see the game where it happened.
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              Christy Mathewson is correct. I didn't remember he pitched for the Reds after he went there to be manager.

              More clues

              1. He has the most career wins by a Jewish pitcher in the Majors.

              5. He's still active and pinch hit in a game that started one day and finished another day. The game started at 5:10 PM and ended at 12:30 AM.


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                1. Jack Bentley of the Giants .750 SLG. with 12 AB's


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                  Jack Bentley is incorrect. This pitcher has a SLG of .833 in 12 WS ABs.


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                    1. Ken Holtzman?

                    5. That sounds like the 18-inning game between the Red Sox and Dodgers. Here's a guess: Clayton Kershaw?
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                      Well Done! You got the last two!


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                        Originally posted by ian2813 View Post
                        1. Ken Holtzman?

                        5. That sounds like the 18-inning game between the Red Sox and Dodgers. Here's a guess: Clayton Kershaw?
                        I was about to guess Holtzman. I remember him hitting a double in the WS after not batting at all that year because of the DH. He actually had 3 doubles in the WS w/o batting during the season. Interesting though, the year he got to the Series before the DH he went 0 for 5.
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