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Why are we Connected?

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  • Why are we Connected?

    1. Debs Garms
    2. Eddie Stanky
    3. Mark Belanger
    4. Tony Taylor
    5. Barry Larkin

    These 5 players have a unique connection.

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    Long time short stops?
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      No, they all might have seen at least a game at shortstop, but that's not the real big thing that connects them. They are better known for something major.

      Would it help if I added pitchers Gene Garber and Jim Bagby to this list?


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        Are they all connected to one person in some way, i.e. as a teammate, manager, coach, etc.?
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          They are all connected to different people but the people they are connected to share something big in common with each other. Yet, the big things they share are not all the same.
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            FWIW, I gave this trivia question to a baseball fanatic member of the Prometheus Society and Triple 9, and it took him almost 3 hours to come up with the right answer, and then he got it only after I added Jim Bagby and Gene Garber to this list.

            So, to make it totally inclusive, what do these 7 players share in common?

            1. Debs Garms
            2. Eddie Stanky
            3. Jim Bagby
            4. Tony Taylor
            5. Mark Belanger
            6. Gene Garber
            7. Barry Larkin

            They all did something very big that put them in the headlines in 7 similar but different situations.


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              I think I know the answer, but I had to look up what some of these guys were notable for. I don't think I would've guessed it on my own.
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                I have now asked this question to 8 of my closest baseball fanatic friends, and none of them could come up with the answer. When I told them the answer, they couldn't wait to ask it of others.

                If nobody can answer it by tomorrow, I'll reveal the answer.


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                  This was a tough one, and it wasn't one that could easily be looked up online.

                  All of these people are connected because they ended a major streak of another player.

                  1. Debs Garms got the first hit off Johnny Vander Meer in the 4th inning of the game after his second no-hitter in a row. Vandy went 3 innings into the start of the next game.
                  2. Eddie Stanky broke up Ewell Blackwell's bid with two outs in the 9th inning where an out would have equaled Vander Meer's back to back no-hitters.
                  3. Jim Bagby was the final pitcher for the Indians to retire Joe Dimaggio and end his hitting streak at 56 games.
                  4. Tony Taylor scored the run that ended Don Drysdale's 54 inning pitching streak.
                  5. Mark Belanger ended Nolan Ryan's bid for back to back no-hitters by getting an 8th inning hit.
                  6. Gene Garber was the final relief pitcher to retire Pete Rose to stop his hitting streak at 44 games.
                  7. Barry Larkin scored the run that ended Orel Hershiser's scoreless streak at 58 2/3 innings. It was his Hershiser's first start in 1989 carrying over from 1988.


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