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Grand Slam Homers at the LA Coliseum

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  • Grand Slam Homers at the LA Coliseum

    Willie Mays hit the first grand slam home run at the Coliseum, but a Dodger hit the last one. Which player hit the last grand slam homer at the Coliseum?

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    I'm just going to take a guess. Frank Howard?
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      Good guess, but it's not correct. The player that did hit the last grand slam at the Coliseum was a star but not 6 foot 7. And, this did not happen in the 2008 50-year anniversary game against the Red Sox. It happened when the game was real and counted in the standings. Frank Howard was in left field that day.

      One more hint--this player had just one .300 season in his career, and in his best season, he only finished 7th on the team in home runs. And, he couldn't hit a lick in his limited World Series at bats, going 0-10.


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        I knew these Dodgers teams REALLY well. I still remember just about every guy on those rosters. 61 was the last season in the Coliseum, so I've got to believe the last grand slam there was in 61, or no earlier than 60. Almost nobody fits this profile. Moon hit .300 multiple times, Fairly- not sure about how many .300 seasons, but I'm sure he had more than 10 WS ABs.Larker- not a star, same for Neal except for maybe 1 season. Ditto for just about anybody else on the roster.

        Then, I thought some more and realized it had to be sort of a trick question. The only other stars were pitchers- it definitely weasn't Koufax. My guess is Drysdale. He wasn't an outstanding hitter for a pitcher, but he had a big swing and generated plenty of power when he connected. I know that he hit 7 homers one season, and hit 25 or 30 for his career. My main uncertainty is his number of WS ABs. He was in the Series in 59, 63, 65, 66. I know he only pitched one game in 59 and 63, but 10 ABs still seems a little short. Regardless, I'll go with him since there doesn't seem to be anyone else.

        And, you're right- he wasn't 6 foot 7- he was 6-5 or 6-6!


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          And, you are correct, sir. Drysdale hit over .300 in 1965 when he was the only full-time player on the roster to hit .300 for the weak-hitting Dodger World Champions. He won 23 games and hit 7 homers. He had the highest OPS on the team and did pinch-hit some that year. He did not get a hit in the 4 different World Series he played in, just a couple walks in the 1963 sweep of the Yankees. He was also an okay singer who appeared with other Dodger players singing, "oops there goes another Yankee kerplop" to the tune of High Hopes.


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