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Dick Tracewski: Lowest Batting Average on Multiple World's championshp teams

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  • Dick Tracewski: Lowest Batting Average on Multiple World's championshp teams

    1960s Major Leagues, middle Infielder, Dick Tracewski, who turned 85 years of age, 15 days ago on February 3 (birthdate 2/3/1935) may have set some sort of record for having the lowest regular season batting average on multiple World's champion MLB teams. On three Worlds Series winners, Tracewski saw significant playing time and earned a spot on these teams postseason 25 man rosters, while averaging 100 games and 205 at bats per season, but while batting just .198. With his play career-wise, but particularly on these championship teams, he cemented his reputation as being a smooth-fielding glove man, but liability as a hitter. Tracewski truly took his "goodfield/no hit" label to the next level.
    See his stats on his world Series winning teams below:

    1963 Los Angeles Dodgers (age 28): 104 Games/217 at-bats/49 hits/.226 batting average/1 home run.
    1965 Los Angeles Dodgers. (age 30) 109 games/186 at-bats/40 hits/.215 batting average/1 home run.
    1968 Detroit Tigers...…….. (age 33)…. 90 games/212 at-bats/33 hits/.156 batting average/4 home runs

    Totals reg.season world's champs yrs.. 300 games/615 at-bats/122 hits/ \.19837 + .198 batting average/6 home runs
    Average performance in WS winning yrs: 100 games/205 at bats/40.67 hits/ .198 batting average/ 2 home runs.

    Can anyone nominate any other players in the lightest hitting player on Worlds Championship teams category? Extra credit if you can find players who were on MULTIPLE WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS who hit just below or just above the .200 Mendoza Line in regular season play and who were eligible for postseason play (player was on he team's 25 man post-season roster).

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