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    Name all of the players that currently hold an all-time career record in a category that also led their league in that same category in the year that they broke the all-time record. There are at least six players.

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    One of them is Barry Bonds, who has the overall lead in walks, and has led his league in walks three times since he broke Rickey Henderson's all-time record.

    Trevor Hoffman broke Lee Smith's saves record when he led the NL in saves in 2006.


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      Sam Crawford took the lead in career triples in 1913, and led his league in triples in both 1913 and 1914.

      Cy Young took the overall lead in wins by a pitcher in 1903, when he led his league with 28 wins.

      I'm not sure if this counts, but Nolan Ryan led the AL in walks allowed in 1982, the year after he broke Early Wynn's career record.

      Reggie Jackson tied for the league lead in batter strikeouts in 1982, when he eclipsed Willie Stargell's career mark.

      Babe Ruth led his league in Batting Wins (not an official stat, but cool anyway) when he took over Ty Cobb's career mark in 1931.

      Barry Bonds has broken his career mark in intentional walks many times since then, but didn't lead his league when he first claimed top spot in 1999.

      Joe Sewell has more or less owned the AB/K ratio since he first claimed it in 1926. He beat his own record seven times!

      Mark McGwire set the all-time AB/HR ratio in 1998 and led his league, with a little help from his friends...

      Ed Walsh set the career ERA mark in 1910, when he led the AL. He lost the crown to Walter Johnson from 1912-21, but the lively ball and old age caught up to Johnson, and Walsh has the title again. Not sure how to score this one...

      Al Spalding has owned the career winning percentage mark since 1873, when he led the National Association. For sticklers, he also led the NL in 1876. Is this the longest-held career mark?

      Randy Johnson took over the K/9IP title in 1994, when he led the league.

      Walter Johnson tied Christy Mathewson for career shutouts in 1918, when he led his league. He also led his league in shutouts in 1924.

      Robin Roberts took over the lead in Home Runs allowed in 1957, when he gave up 40 to lead the NL.

      Pedro Martinez is the current leader in ERA+ (not an official stat, but impressive nonetheless). He set his record in 1999, when he led his league. This career number is likely to drop, though.

      That's a lot of records...


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        Yeah, I think you got them all. :bowdown:


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