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  • March quiz

    the quiz will be coming up later tonight...

    prizes will be announced at a later date.

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    1. Total strikeouts by the top ten in strikeouts in 1884.
    2. Where the money went from the tie game in the 1912 World Series.
    3. The only player with a pinch hit from both sides of the plate in one World Series.
    4. The 1st black pitchers with a World Series win in each league
    5. Birthplace of one-time All-Star Max West
    6. The number of times Eddie Stanky was named to the All-Star game
    7. Position Bobby Wallace played his first season
    8. The number of games Brooks Robinson played from 1961 to 1964
    9. One of the players with three pinch hits in the same World Series
    10. The most earned runs allowed in a World Series complete game
    11. Most losses by one pitcher in one World Series
    12. Best single World Series pitching record
    13. Highest ERA in a World Series with a minimum of five IP
    14. Lowest attendance of a World Series game
    15. Lowest score of a World Series game
    16. Only pinch-hitter for Babe Ruth
    17. Last pitcher to lead the league in wins and batting average in a single season
    18. Debut date of Dave “Boo” Ferriss
    19. The number of days between the debuts of Mike and Greg Maddux
    20. The number of hits off of Duffy Lewis as a pitcher
    21. The number of games Jim “They won’t use me” Bouton got into in 1969
    22. First alphabetical All-Star without a winning record
    23. Debut date of 1909 rookie sensation Babe Adams
    24. Player who hit home run number 10,000 at Fenway Park
    25. Player who hit home run number 10,001 at Fenway Park
    26. 1st alphabetical rookie all-star as a pitcher
    27. Abraham Lincoln Bailey’s nickname
    28. 1st alphabetical strikeouts leader without a winning record
    29. Birthplace of Steve Barber
    30. Career winning percentage of Matt Beech
    31. Birthplace of Tim Belcher
    32. First name of O’s pitcher Benson
    33. “Campy” Campaneris’ actual first name
    34. Current or former MLB player with most points for a valid scrabble word as their last name, all scrabble rules apply
    35. The total runs Steve Carlton allowed in 1965
    36. 5th place in all-time walk percentage
    37. 31st place in all-time walk percentage
    38. The highest non-Hall of Famer on the HR percentage list
    39. 4th most triples all-time
    40. 1st and 2nd on HR percentage list from 1893-1919
    41. 38th on the HR percentage list
    42. 5th lowest K’s per AB
    43. 90th all-time strikeouts (batter)
    44. The letter that the first names of the people from 29-34 on the all-time Games Started list start with
    45. NY pitcher that allegedly started Yanks-Sox rivalry
    46. 3rd best Pinch Hit Average
    47. Inning the winning pitcher entered the highest-scoring game in WS history
    48. All-time Players League leader in hits
    49. Birthdate of Dutch Zwilling
    50. This player was an All-star his last five seasons, then retired at age 31

    Sorry if this caused any confusion...

    Just 50 questions. Documentation is not necessary. There might be prizes, but then again, there might not. Please PM me with your answer sheets by next Saturday, March 11th at midnight EST.
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      51. RuthMayBond and MapleSyrupMan are the only members of Baseball-Fever who can claim this.


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        Six ta go (these will take me the rest of the week )
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          Maybe I am paranoid but it seems like the % questions would benefit from a minimum number of attempts condition.
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            Originally posted by KCGHOST
            Maybe I am paranoid but it seems like the % questions would benefit from a minimum number of attempts condition.
            Yeah, they probably would, and I probably should throw one in there, but the place I got them from didn't have it. :o I mostly chose people with names that stood out (the one about 31st in walk % is kind of obvious why).


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              Heck, there are 27 guys with 100% walk rates.
              Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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                Yeah... sorry about that. Let's just say 50 pinch hit appearances and 1000 plate appearances, for the respective questions about pinch hit average and walk percentage. For the questions about HR percentage, I'll say 1000 at-bats.


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                  One day to go.

                  Remember, you must turn in your answer sheets to me via PM by midnight tonight, EST. If you're in the Central time zone, then that's 11:00 tonight, Mountain time is 10:00 tonight, and Pacific is 9:00 tonight.


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