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Murderer Found Due To Homerun

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  • Murderer Found Due To Homerun

    I found this in a book written about 5 years after the alleged incident. It certainly could have been misconstrued or embellished, but???

    This long time major leaguer hit a home during spring training that landed in the grass. In the scramble to find the ball, the body of a suspected murderer was found. Police had been looking for him for several days. He had committed suicide.

    Here's some clues to the major leaguer. Put them together and get his name

    1. One legged dictator

    2. A really really poor team.

    3. Long time Mets reliever

    4. What beavers do

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    I'm not sure about the bad team reference, but it looks like it might be Tito Francona...


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      A real bad team would be a Patsy..

      Tito Patsy Francona. It's said he did this in 63 during a spring training game in Tucson. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Police had a suspect in mind for the murder and were looking for him. They say the suspects body was found while folks were tracking down the home run ball in the grass. Does Tucson even have grass?


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        Kind of random, but this thread reminded me of something I heard about a few years ago. It was in Cincinnatti. Somebody hit a home run. The guy who caught it was shown on the Jumbotron. At the time, there was a warrant out for his arrest!
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        "Hi. My name is John. I'd like you to meet my fastball. Can you catch up to it?
        Didn't think so. I'll see you again tomorrow night around the top of the ninth."
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        Why can't they just air the doubleheaders? Those programs aimed at children are crap anyway.


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