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  • Baseball term

    I cannot prove that this is correct,so feel free to straighten me out.I am only speculating...

    What baseball term was derived from the following clues?

    1. An unemployed Californian.

    2 A severe dislike of Chinese. Maybe even a hatred.

    3 An early political party.

    this goes back to around the time just before Jesse James and baseball was probably still too young to have adopted this term. I chanced upon this in a book and there is evidence on the web that offers a hint of credence..

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    the braves?


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      I forgot about this one. There was an unemployed Californian who belong to the Workmans Party. His main speech was "get rid of the chinese". This man named Kearney almost always give is speech on big empty sandy lots. Hence, his followers became known as "sandlotters". I believe this was back in the 1870's. The book is in my car and I'm too lazy to go out and check the dates.


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        The workingmans's party was formed in 1877. The sand lot was next to the San Fran City Hall.


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