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Most Consectutive Reaching Base Safely to Start Career

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  • Most Consectutive Reaching Base Safely to Start Career

    Jay Bruce has had 2BB, 2 1B, and a 2B to start his MLB career.

    What is the record for consectutive PA's without getting out to start career?

    I saw that Ted Cox holds the record for most hits to start career in 1977 (6 hits).... and he had a walk in there, so is 7 the record? Can't find anything else related in a google search.
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    Thanks to Trent McCotter (since 1956)

    7-Ted Cox, BOS AL, 1977 (6-for-6, 1BB).
    6-Jay Bruce, CIN NL, 2008 (3-for-3, 3BB).
    5-John Paciorek, HOU NL, 1963 (3-for-3, 2BB).
    5-Dave Robinson, SD NL, 1970 (2-for-2, 3BB).
    5-Bob Dernier, PHI NL, 1980 (4-for-4, 1BB).
    5-Tom Dunbar, TEX AL, 1983 (2-for-2, 3BB).
    5-Jose Hernandez, TEX AL, 1991 (4-for-4, 1BB).
    5-Mike Piazza, LA NL, 1992 (4-for-4, 1BB).
    5-Ramon Martinez, SF NL, 1998 (3-for-3, 2BB).
    5-Kazuo Matsui, NYM NL, 2004 (3-for-3, 2BB).
    5-Kosuke Fukudome, CHI NL, 2008 (3-for-3, 2BB).
    5-Brandon Boggs, TEX AL, 2008 (4-for-4, 1BB).


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      5-John Paciorek, HOU NL, 1963 (3-for-3, 2BB).
      Paciorek also reached in 5 consecutive appearances to end his career.

      In fact, they were the same 5 PAs.


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        Really? What happened? Whyd he never play again? Was he a pitcher?
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          Originally posted by Cubsfan97 View Post
          Really? What happened? Whyd he never play again? Was he a pitcher?
          Got injured in spring training
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