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4 doubles in one game

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  • 4 doubles in one game

    it happened yesterday at wrigley field and thanks to baseball digest posting the list here are the major league players who have got 4 doubles in one game.
    american league
    4-25-1901 frank dillon detroit
    10-13-1906 frank isbell chicago (world series game)
    7-17-35 bill werber boston
    7-25-36 frankie hayes a's
    9-4-37 mike kreevich chicago
    4-23-39 marv owen chicago
    8-17-44 johnny landell new york
    7-14-46 lou boudreau cleveland
    6-8-50 al zarilla boston
    9-26-56 vic wertz cleveland
    7-13-62 charley lau baltimore
    5-19-63 bill bruton detroit
    8-8-73 orlando cepeda boston
    7-8-74 jim mason new york
    6-30-75 dave duncan baltimore
    5-11-81 rick miller boston
    6-27-86 damaso garcia toronto
    5-13-89 kirby puckett minnesota
    6-6-97 sandy alomar jr cleveland
    8-29-99 albert belle baltimore
    9-23-99 albert belle baltimore
    7-18-00 johnny damon kansas city
    7-18-00 shannon stewert toronto
    7-29-06 tomas perez tampa bay
    national league
    8-8-1915 gavvy gravath philadelphia
    6-13-1919 gavvy gravath philadelphia
    6-6-30 denny sothern philadelphia
    5-20-32 paul waner pittsburgh
    4-25-32 dick bartell philadelphia
    5-8-35 ernie lombardi cincinnati
    8-4-37 joe medwick stlouis
    5-13-40 bill werber cincinnati
    4-20-49 willie jones philadelphia
    4-13-54 jim greengrass cincinnati
    4-9-69 billy williams chicago
    5-21-86 rafeal ramirez atlanta
    8-21-90 billy hatcher cincinnati
    6-14-96 jeff bagwell houston
    7-27-03 marcus giles atlanta
    5-15-04 adam laroche atlanta
    8-3-06 matt murton chicago
    5-30-08 jeff baker clorado

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    Has anyone hit 4 doubles in a game since 5/30/08?


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      Yes. Alexis Rios, and one other player.


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        Hey maybe you could call that feat a "quadruple-double"! You know kind of like in basketball where they have a "triple-double."


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          I always thought it was interesting that Jim Greengrass hit his four doubles in the same game that Hank Aaron made his major league debut.
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            Originally posted by ipitch View Post
            Yes. Alexis Rios, and one other player.
            The one other player was Victor Martinez on 6/1/2010.
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            8. Honus Wagner
            9. Lou Gehrig
            10. Mickey Mantle


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