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Nine Pitch, Three Strikeout Innings

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  • Nine Pitch, Three Strikeout Innings

    Does anyone have information on who did this in his career, and who holds the season and career records? I know Koufax did it twice.

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    I ran it through my retrosheet database and this was the list I got:

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      Can't speak of why the list is so different from JDanger, but baseball-almanac has a list of achievers
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        Looks like there may have been an error in the code somewhere. My apologies. Let me see what I can do about it...


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          OK, I finally got around to tweaking the CODE. Here is a chart or the revised spreadsheet (same url):

          There are still a few discrepancies, however, but I think it's mainly due to different data sources-- i.e. who was keeping track of the pitch counts. It is likely that if you combined both of these lists, you would have a complete list.

          Retrosheet only goes back to 1950, so anything before then didn't show up in my list. Other than that, the first I noticed is that my query returned a third Koufax inning, April 19th 1963, inn 5-- which B-ref Play Logs confirms.

          I then checked Urbina's immaculate inning at B-ref, as well as Clemens's , both of which panned out. I assumed then that those Immaculate Innings which showed up on my list but not the Almanac's were also legitimate, but I didn't check them all.

          Baseball Almanac lists Bob Gibson's 7th inning of his game on 5-12-69, but B-ref, which also gets its data from retrosheet, can't confirm that. I'm assuming this is also the case with the Guidry, Downing, Bruce, Hoeft and both Nolan Ryan games, since they didn't appear on my list either. But, again, I haven't checked them all at B-Ref.
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            For some random trivia...

            José Vizcaíno, Carlton Fisk, Jeff Reed and Greg Luzinski are the only batters who have been involved in this achievement more than once.
            My top 10 players:

            1. Babe Ruth
            2. Barry Bonds
            3. Ty Cobb
            4. Ted Williams
            5. Willie Mays
            6. Alex Rodriguez
            7. Hank Aaron
            8. Honus Wagner
            9. Lou Gehrig
            10. Mickey Mantle


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