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Most times reaching base on dropped 3rd strike

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  • Most times reaching base on dropped 3rd strike

    Does MLB keep such statistics? I'd like to know how often that event occurs as well as some other information about it. Like who has reached base most often that way? Ever happen on consecutive batters? Things like that.

    Thanks ahead if anyone can provide information, or direct me to a good website so I can look it up myself.

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    Wow. I'm clueless, but I'm 90% sure Elias carries stuff like that.
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      Originally posted by LarrySC View Post
      Ever happen on consecutive batters?
      Don't know, but here's twice in one half-inning (top of 10th).
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        I don't think Drop Third Strike is an official statistic, but I queried retrosheet for following conditions:
        all plate appearances where
        1. a strikeout was recorded
        2. no out was was recorded
        3. either a Wild Pitch or Passed Ball was ruled on the play.

        Top 11:
        NAME D3K*
        Garret Anderson 14
        Lou Brock 14
        George Scott 12
        Rafael Belliard 12
        Alfonso Soriano 12
        Vladimir Guerrero 11
        Willie Stargell 11
        Adrian Beltre 10
        Miguel Olivo 10
        Miguel Tejada 10
        Garry Templeton 10

        I then removed the WP or PB qualification:

        NAME D3K
        Lou Brock 16
        Garret Anderson 14
        George Scott 13
        Rafael Belliard 12
        Alfonso Soriano 12
        Vladimir Guerrero 11
        Willie Stargell 11
        Miguel Olivo 11
        Miguel Tejada 11
        Bobby Bonds 11
        Shawon Dunston 11
        Julio Franco 10
        Roberto Alomar 10
        Garry Templeton 10
        Harold Baines 10
        Jacque Jones 10
        Adrian Beltre 10

        They only circumstance that this wouldn't account for is if an existing baserunner was thrown out trying to advance on the D3K. When I find time I'll write a more thorough query but I doubt the totals would change very much. If you can think of any other necessary qualifications I can write them in as well.


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          Isn't Lou Brock the opposite of George Scott?
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            Boomer & Pops are both guys you wouldn't expect to see in this context.


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