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Nicknames from Chris "Cross" Berman

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  • Nicknames from Chris "Cross" Berman

    Lets give Chris Berman some recognition, the guy at times seems to make up some of his nicknames as the games are going on. Usually has me "rolling on the floor" Laughing. I saw a list of his nicknames a while back, but some of the ones I remember are
    Chuck "New Kids On" Knoblauch
    John "Tonight, let it be" Lowenstein
    Eddie "eat, drink and be" Murray
    Tony "Jala-" Pena
    Frank Tanana "daiquiri"

    Anyone else remember any of his nicknames. Or do you have some of your own, share.

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    Here's Another

    John "Charcoal" Burkett


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      Oddibe "young again" Mcdowall. A real beauty!
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        Originally posted by chanceron
        Or do you have some of your own, share.
        Bobby "Mill" Abreu
        Tommy Agee "Breaky Heart"
        Dick Allen "good time, my pretty"
        Walt Alston "Purina"
        Cap "You Make Me Feel Like" Anson
        Kevin "couldn't be" Appier
        Luke "What's" Appling "Ever After"
        Richie Ashburn ", toast and coffee"
        Steve "Ebony and" Avery
        "Home improvement with" Bob Avila

        and that's just the letter A
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          Bert "be home" Blyleven is one of Boomer's best.


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            Boomer should write a book on these nicknames...some are just too funny.
            Heres a few more
            Lance "You sank my" Blankenship
            Jose "Won't you take me on a sea" Cruz
            Danny "Dung" Heep
            Joe "Wilhelm" Klink

            Most fans believe the term "Murderers Row" started with my association with the Yankees in 1920, but actually, Bob Ripley drew a cartoon calling them that the year before when he sketched a gang of big bruisers swinging clubs, labeling them "Roger Peckinpaugh, Wally Pipp, Frank Baker, Del Pratt and Ping Bodie", Bob captioned it: Murderers Row. I simply joined the "Row"
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              Don't walk away Rene Gonzalez


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                Originally posted by Utter Chaos
                Bert "be home" Blyleven is one of Boomer's best.
                I like these as well:

                Brian "10" Downing "Street"
                Mike "Matha" Maddux
                Greg "Appa" Maddux
                John "I am not a" Kruk


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                  John " Yes you are a" Kruk ,,,,great one bluesteve32.

                  R.J. Reynolds "Wrap"
                  Rick "really big" Schu
                  Bruce "3 piece" Sutter
                  Larry "Satin" Sheets
                  Eric "Win, place and" Show
                  Ruben "High" Sierra
                  Don "On-" Slaught

                  Heres a list to check out pick out your favorite.

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                    Chris Berman

                    My all-time favorite is Rick "Junk" Mahler
                    Danny "Theory" Darwin
                    Kevin "Small/Big Mouth" Bass (Remember Bass requesting that it be switched to "Big").
                    Von "Purple" Hayes
                    Jose "Can You See" Canseco


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                      His very first one was John Mayberry RFD.

                      Kevin Bass requested that it be changed from Big Mouth to Small Mouth so as to not sound so arrogant.


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                        John Mayberry RFD I remember that one. "Boomer" always seem to take it to the next level. Did Berman get his nickname from being born in the baby boom 50's? I use to love his 2 minutes drill at halftime. I know he made up some of those nicknames while taping it. He's was Sportscaster of the year 6 times.

                        On the 9th of Feb they had a "Chris Berman day" during Bill Murrays celebrity challenge golf tournment..heres a byline

                        Byline: John Ryan
                        PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. _ Chris Berman's day:
                        Hack hack hack hack hack ...
                        If you think his hands flail wildly on ESPN, you should see some of his drives.
                        The worst came on No. 18, when the ball took four hops on the rocks in the first 100 yards.
                        "I was nervous," he said Wednesday after the Celebrity Challenge. "I wasn't ready for this, to be honest with you. I'll be ready now."
                        He better be. Playing in Bill Murray's group, he's going to draw the biggest galleries.
                        End Byline

                        Heres some more of his name calling.

                        Sylvester swallows return to Campusano
                        Scott Little Deuce Cooper
                        Jody Davis eyes
                        Carlos in Delgado da vida
                        Brett Favre-egnügen
                        Brook Jacoby Wan Kenobi
                        Scott Livingstone, I presume
                        Me and Willie McGee
                        Jon get thee to a Nunnally
                        Rafael Emerson, Lake, and Palmiero
                        Kevin Alka Seitzer
                        Heathcliff Slocumb if ya got 'em
                        Tony Tarasco sauce
                        Amani it's not a Toomer
                        Greg The Wrath Of Zahn

                        Some are repeats but still funny the second time.


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                          Don't know if it was him but I remember one that *someone* said:
                          Octavio "Shhhh" Dotel (said in a whisper)
                          Does anyone know who said it or if it is his real nickname? I heard it one day and it nearly killed me!
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                            I believe I heard Berman say SHHHH Dotel myself. I think it was last year. As far as it being a nickname ...anything goes as far as nicknames by Berman, but as a true nickname in the encyclopedias of baseball I'm don't think so. But then again my research of nicknames which is very extensive...there are no true nickname guides to really go by. Heck some of the nicknames in books today could have been something an ex-player invented during an interview.

                            There are over 150 "leftys" in the game of baseball nicknames....BUT not one darn "righty".....WHY h


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                              Heres a few other choice Berman specials

                              Hubie "Babbling" Brooks
                              Craig "Matinee at the" Biggio
                              Dana "Field Goal" Kiecker
                              Steve Lyons "And Tigers And Bears, Oh My"
                              Alex Ochoa "Gesundheit"
                              Randy Ready "or Not"
                              Buck Showalter "Raleigh"
                              Butch "Oil and" Wynegar
                              Rich "Not Ready" Yett
                              Mark "Get Back" Loretta
                              Ben "Good" Grieve

                              The guy just doesnt stop....ROFL


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