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Record setting season?

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  • Record setting season?

    In 1871 Wolters gave up 175 unearned runs. Is this a record?
    He also struck out only 1 out of every 61.3 batters. Record?
    He also apparently had 31 complete games but only finished one game.

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    The strikeouts thing is definitely not close to a record.

    For example, Bill Stearns in 1873 faced 1,463 batters and had 5 strikeouts. (1 strikeout per 292.6 batters)

    With a minimum of 162 IP, 23 pitchers had a worse K per BF rate than Wolters. All 23 were between 1871-1876.
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      games finished only applies if the game wasn't started. You'll see that type of stat with all starters.

      Jim Britt gave up 301 unearned runs in 1873 and 284 the previous year


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        My mind is boggled that they actually kept track of all the unearned runs back then.


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          Originally posted by brett View Post
          My mind is boggled that they actually kept track of all the unearned runs back then.
          I'm amazed by that too but what really baffles me is why the Negro Leagues doesn't really have accurate stats.
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