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Should we be worried about Chipper?

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  • Should we be worried about Chipper?

    Chipper is having problems with his foot again this season, although the news is that it isn't related to his injury from last year. He has always seemed to attract freak injuries, so every time he dives for a ball or has to hustle for an extra base hit, I get a little knot in my stomach -- probably similar to the way Red's fans feel whenever Griffey Jr. dives for a ball.

    If the Braves are to make a run at the playoffs, they'll need Chipper. Can he stay healthy for the rest of the season? He's been VERY hot recently (BA > .500), and it doesn't look like Andruw could carry the team the way he did last year.
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    Well...another great day for Chipper.
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      I'm not worried about Chipper, because if he gets hurt we have a more than capable backup in Wilson Betemit.
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        I also am worried about him. But he is hot!!! And i have a feeling there isn't going to be any more serious injuries with him this season.
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