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    I know you all haven't given up on the Braves season yet, and I'm glad they are making it interesting. I thought it would be fun to start up a discussion about the Braves prospects, with the Trade season upon us, we will probably be hearing their names a lot, and with the season half over, its also time to start looking towards next year and who might help the Bravos improve on this season.

    Here's a link to a page that has TONS of info on Braves Prospects. ITs certainly not all of them, but its a great deal of them and all in one place.

    Let the discussion begin!

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    The last numbers I saw of Saltalamacchia showed that he was not doing very well. Has he improved recently? Anybody watched him play frequently and have any opinions on why he has struggled for a good part of the year. I know that he is suppossed to be th real deal but with MCcann playing so well, I wonder what will be done with him. I also have really liked what I've seen from Chuck James since he was called up. He hasn't pitched as well in his last couple of starts, but he seems to have excellent control and effectively changes speed. In his first start against Tampa Bay almost nobody had a good swing against him. If he can keep hitters of balance by changing speeds so well, he should be around for a long time.
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      Watching Salty play this year, he looks pretty much just like he did last year. He's had some nagging injuries and some other issues this year, but nothing that would lead you to beleive that he would be having this horrible of a season. He's hitting the ball hard, but it seems to be right at people. It really seems like a fluke season for him. The one weird stat is that he has a lot of infield pop ups which might mean he is behind on the ball a bit, which could be because of any number of reasons. I bet he rebounds in a big way next year.

      I like James a lot too. He changes speed and has a deceptive delivery that makes it very difficult for Righties to pick up. He's striking guys out and getting a lot of pop ups which is right in line with how he pitched in the minors. The heat wave that the country has been going through the last few weeks probably has somethign to do with his subpar performance in the last two starts. he, and most of the starters, are visibly tired after the 4th inning. I dont think, at this age, James is as good as that first start against Tampa, but he is definitley a good one, its great to see him doing well.


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