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  • Living in Atlanta

    I know some of you live in Atlanta. When I retire from the military I would like to move to Atlanta and than I'll be able to get season tickets. Where are the best sub-divisions, communities, or surrounding cities to live?

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    I have never lived there so take what I say with a grain of salt.

    The only two areas I have visited are Newnan and Peach Tree City (parents were there). Both are south and away away from downtown but both were very nice. They seemed to be an older crowd too - not sure what you are looking for. Between the 2 I would live in Peach Tree City in a heartbeat.

    I am sure others can give you more details on places closer to the city itself. I have often thought of moving out there too but can't tear myself away from home (Texas).
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      First of all, what type of living area are you looking for? Condo? 2 story home? Apartment?
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        About Atlanta:

        Generally, Atlantans refer to everything by ITP and OTP. OTP means "outside the perimeter", which is I-285 which encircles Atlanta. ITP is "inside the perimeter".

        If you decide to move "OTP", you're basically moving into a suburb. (There's a reason that all suburbs are called "Atlanta".) One suburb is interchangable with the next, although I'm sure there are lots of pleasant places. Generally, the hard part about living OTP is the traffic.

        Myself, I live in Brookhaven and am moving to Chamblee. Both are very nice areas. Buckhead is an area for single young people, very upscale but a lot of partying and carrying on. Little Five Points is a bohemian area, lots of interesting little shops.

        Generally, everything below I-20 is considered to be the rundown part of Atlanta, the part you don't want to live in. I don't know if that's true but I've seen some pretty ragged places there.

        Hope this helps a little bit.



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          I want to buy a house. I don't really care where it is, but I like quiet areas and as long as the neighborhood is nice and it don't look runned down.


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            Buckhead is's not too far away from the stadium either. About 20 minutes away.
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