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  • Tomahawk chop song

    Hello everbody...
    I'm from Germany and i like the Braves but i have a big problem. I need the song Tomahawk chop. Can anybody help me??? Perhaps somebody can send me a email with a download of the song.

    My email: [email protected]

    Thank you

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    Welcome to Baseball-Fever, Sakko! I do have the song, but it sounds more like Florida State University's version, with the band in the background. If you still want it let me know.
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      @Atlanta Braves Freak:

      Yes, of course!!! Do you now my e-mail adress? I wrote it in my last massage. Can you send me the song, please???

      No,i'am sorry. Football is not my sport. I like Hockey and the nhl!!!


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        Sure!! I'll send it, I have to get on my other computer.
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          Great, thank you very much!!!
          Where are you from? I have a cousin in Utah, in the near of salt lake city. Do you now the toronto blue jays? For sure... I was last year in toronto. there i have watched a game in the rogers center. It was so great and i like the player kroski or how is his name???


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            Sweet dude I was born in Hannover!

            I live in the States now. I have the Tomahawk Chop tune, but it looks like you've already got it. Go Braves!
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            October 13th: World Series Champs
            (Anything is possible)
            GO BRAVES!!!!!!!

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              I just sent the file Sakko.
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                The song work's and i'm so happy. I need the song for my own team and i think the song is pushing my team.

                @Tomahawk Dynasty: in hannover? I live in the near of hannover. My hometown is bremerhaven in the near of bremen.

                @Atlanta Braves Freak: Thank you so much for the song...


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                  No problem.
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                    I have been enjoying watching the "Tomahawk Chop." It seems like a fun activity to me. If I was an Atalanta Braves fan I think I would like to do the the Tomahawk Chop too. I do hope the Braves win the World Series at this point, I guess if nothing else because of my competitive juices against the Astros, who are a division rival of the Mariners!


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