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    From what I've seen and heard, Yellowdog was held in just as high regard by posters in this forum as Diana was by us in the Cubs forum.

    I feel very sad for all of Yellow's friends and family who have had to go through this, as well as all the BBF posters who knew Yellow more than I. I never got the chance to speak with him but I'm sure he was just what I've come to expect from posters on this forum: Knowledgeable, insightful, funny and 100 percent devoted to his baseball squad.

    It's very unfortunate that good people seem to be the ones stricken like this. Kind of ruins one's faith in karma. But hopefully it is as painless as possible for Yellowdog and may his memory live on here on BBF. I'm glad Yellow, at the least, got to see a World Series title for his beloved Bravos in his lifetime.

    Good-bye to another great poster...we'll miss you YD. h


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      You know when I was new to this site ,he was so kind into welcoming me here. I've read many of his posts and the man was like a guy you'd just like to hang around with and watch a baseball game.

      Keep hanging in there Yellow, miracles do happen
      Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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        Yellowdog was one of the first people to greet me here at BBF when I first joined a little over two years ago, and he was very helpful and knowledgeable with his baseball stuff. I wasn't all that close to him, but we could always could count on him to provide valuable baseball insight.

        We'll miss him a lot here at BBF.
        "The future's uncertain and the end is always near" - Jim Morrison


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          I cannot forget, and I think everyone in the Braves forum remembers, the trademark greetings of yellowdog to newcomers and outsiders... he would always start his post like: " Hello <user>, and thanks for coming by this forum and posting...". This was his trademark and shows why he will always be held in a high position in our hearts and minds... I remember his personal wishes (via PM) over my birthdays and what a happy tone his PM had when he wished me for my wedding.... . I hope his pain is eased as much as possible and I would like to give my sincerest prayers to him and his family...
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            I'll always remember his greetings he made the new member feel like he was welcomed here.
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              That is so thing I always expected when reading a new person's first post was seeing a response from Yellowdog welcoming them to the forum and thanking them for posting. He even did that for me. I definitely didn't know him well, even from his posts, but he sure seemed like a good guy. I wish the best to him and his family.


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                Does anybody have an update on Mr. Stricklin (aka. Yellowdog)?
                Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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                  Keep fighting man and don't let go!


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                    Happy Holidays,Yellowdog,you are being missed terribly.
                    Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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                      I don't know how to say this, because I know you might be in big pain right now. But nevertheless I hope you will have a nice birthday Yellowdog.

                      I am not religious, but I hope that somehow a miracle will happen, so you can join us and your family again.


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                        Sadly, I've never known John as well as others have been fortunate enough to, but I'm certainly happy that we were able to "meet" him here online, and that he shared the gift of his personality with us.

                        I wish him only the best, and that he can carry on much longer, even if it is without us. May he feel no pain, and good health for many years to come.
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                          We haven't forgot about you John ,hope you're feeling better.
                          Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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                            I have some sad news concerning our friend John

                            I wrote John's daughter the other day an email letter her know about the link that we set up for her father at addictsports wishing him a happy birthday. Unfortunately the response i recieved from her was sad news..

                            Here is her a portion of her email:

                            Dear James,

                            It was so very thoughtful of you to remember my dad on his birthday with
                            your thread. And thank you for the link. I didn't not realize there was
                            similar site of which he was also a member. Please express my gratitude to
                            all the members there who so kindly responded.

                            I regret to inform you that he passed away not long after our last
                            correspondence. It was only a matter of time and I feel that, at least, he
                            is no longer suffering, although I miss him greatly. Neither my mom, my
                            sister nor I were ever baseball fans. But he loved it passionately and I'm
                            glad he had you and all his friends (at both baseball fever and the addicts
                            forums) to share that passion for the last few years of his life. I have
                            lurked at the baseball fever site, going back and reading so many of the
                            things he wrote there. Some of them make me laugh and cry at the same time.
                            While reading his thread about the axing the tomahawk chop, for example, I
                            could almost here is voice. That was so typical of something he would say.
                            And now that I know about the addicts site, I look forward to going back and
                            reading his posts there as well.

                            I am so sad now, I don't even know what to say

                            I just thought some of you would want to know

                            Rest in peace my good friend!
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                              This is indeed sad news. I always valued his posts and insights.
                              Good Night Friend
                              Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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                                Goodbye John

                                You were the first to welcome me to this site, and a true inspiration! Your knowledge and passion for the game we love will always be remembered, as will your good wishes on our birthdays, we never really knew each other but the fact you took that time on the forum to remember will always stand of my measure of you as a true gentleman!

                                May you sleep peacefully, and God watch over you and your family.

                                turn on, tune in, chill out.........


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