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WARP stats compared to team standings

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  • WARP stats compared to team standings

    I found this over at talkingchop, it got me thinking

    Consider the WARP1 last year from the following teams in up the middle positions, sorted by total.

    Atlanta: Jones (7.9), Furcal (8.2), Giles (7.8), McCann + Estrada (4.3) = 28.2
    Philadelphia: Utley (7.8), Rollins (5.1), Lofton + Michaels (8.5), Lieberthal (3.2) = 27.8
    Florida: Castillo (6.0), Lo Duca (3.4), Pierre (3.5), Gonzalez (2.3), Easley (2.2) = 17.4
    New York: Reyes (3.5), Beltran (5.0), Piazza+Castro (5.5), Matsui+ Cairo (3.1) = 17.1
    Washington: Wilkerson (4.5), Schneider (4.9), Vidro (2.6), Wilson (1.5), Carroll (1.5), Bennet (0.4), Guzman (-0.2) = 15.2

    You may notice something -- that's also the order they finished in the standings too.
    Now the guy that posted that is talking focusing on the Braves for next season. He's calling for a big drop from Furcal to Renteria, a slight decline in Jones (Andruw), an increase in McCann, and the same from Giles.

    I personally think Renteria will do better then a lot of people seem to think he will. I also think Andruw won't decline nearly like so many writers expect him to do. Sure he might not hit 50hrs, but then again he might. But I do expect him to increase his batting avg to the .280 range to go along with his lowered strikeout rate.

    I was hoping to get some other people's thoughts on it. I don't expect anyone to try and calculate WARP ratings, but just your thoughts on the players.

    How do yall think McCann will do as catcher for his first full season, batting and defense? I figure Smoltz will do alot to help him out calling games and the like. Roger McDowell can help there too no doubt.

    Anyway, the WARP stats interested me, and given the slow offseason I thought I'd pass it along.

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