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Is Sosa in the rotation?

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  • Is Sosa in the rotation?

    Does anyone know if Sosa already has a rotation spot for this coming year? Or does he have to earn it in Spring Training? I would hope after as well as he did last season he would.

    I know the Braves have a good amount of pitching talent, so if not Sosa (probably could use he in the bullpen more), who is pitching on the backend of the rotation? I've heard that the Braves might go with Davies over Sosa.

    Smoltz, Hudson, Thompson, Ramierz, ???

    At least the bullpen is in theory better space then it was at the beginning of last season. Kolb's meltdown taken in consideration.

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    Find out!

    I'm pretty sure the Braves are going into spring training watching three things. One how does Sosa pitch in spring after showing such promise last year. Two how does Thompson and his finger fair in spring. Three how does Davies pitch in spring. I believe that if Sosa and Davies have a good spring and Thompson has a so-so spring the two could both be in the rotation and Thompson be used as bait. Thompson if he regains his form from two years ago will be a great pitcher for this team and the decision will have to be made of either putting Sosa in the pen and Davies in the rotation, or Sosa in the rotation and Davies to the minors. A big question to fill though. I thought Sosa should have been the closer last year and had the stuff when he was doing so well in the pen, but then he emerged as a starter and I think he has the stuff to be a great starter. Its going to be an interesting decision.


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      Sosa moving to the pen with Davies at the 5th would be the best for the Braves. They need a pitcher that can go 100 innings in the pen since the rest of the pen is low quality.
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        Bullpen is to young to call low quality

        Why can't Davies go 100 innings in the pen? The Braves really don't know what they have as far as their bullpen mainly because most of them are young and haven't had enough exp. to say if they are low quality or not. Also a lot of the guys who were bad in the bullpen , Roman Colon, Brower, Bernero, and Danny Boy Kolb are no longer there. So you might not want to make statements like the bullpen is low quality (not to say they are great) until we see them in action in some games.
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          Also there is the off-chance that Mike Remlinger can find his stuff again and be a part of the bullpen. Frankly, I'm hoping that works out for him.
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            Even considering the guys in the bullpen this year will be young, untested pitchers are always a worry, its nice to have a pitcher like Sosa or Davies that you can use in long relief. That is of course assuming none of the Braves' starters get hurt this season.

            I hope Remlinger makes it to, if he's got the stuff he would be a great veteran arm in the bullpen (pitching wise and to help coach the younger guys).
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