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Blank ends talks to buy the Braves

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  • Blank ends talks to buy the Braves

    Man, I was really hoping Blank would end up buying the team. I'm sure he'd be good for the organization. Though it figures Time Warner is being to firm on the asking price. You'd figure they'd want to bargin a little bit just to get rid of the team since they have made it clear that they don't want them anymore.

    To be fair though it doesn't say how much less Blank wanted to pay for the Braves, but it does make it sound like it was a good bit less, so at the same time I can understand Times Warner wanting to get 'fair value'
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    I was hoping Arthur would get the team, but this could be a blessing in disguise. Who knows?
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      I got the feeling Blank was bidding on the Braves because people wanted him to, not because he wanted to.
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        I think he did too, because Atlanta saw how he made the Falcons winners again and made the stadium experience fun. I guess he just felt it would be too overwhelming to run two franchises at once.
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          I still figure that Blank had some serious interest. Like if TW was truly interested in unloading the Braves and weren't so firm on the price. I think if Blank could have gotten a deal he would have gone for it.


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            i still think it may happen cause all that was reported was that talks were suspended.. I just at the point where Anyone is better that Time Warner, just as long as it's a person not some enterprise!
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