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  • Visiting Turner Field

    I'm flying through ATL this weekend and decided to head to Friday's game and I'm just curious about a couple of things...

    I've done some research and it seems like MARTA is a safe and easy way to get from the airport to Turner Field, is it really straightforward and simple to navigate?

    Also, I saw that on the Braves website it "prohibits backpacks", but I know stadiums typically tend to be lax and do not enforce what their policies actually are, can I bring a backpack to the ballpark with me?


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    I worked there last year at the gates so I can tell you this:

    The Marta does NOT, I repeat, does NOT go directly to Turner's Field. If you are coming from the Airport, you take Marta to 5 points and from there you can either walk or take the shuttle bus. But I will warn you. The Marta will be closed and no longer running back to airport by the time the game is over.

    I had that same plan in mind when I lived there and had to fly out to Arizona that night. Got dropped off, worked all day and night, went to little five points and the train was closed. Cab is about 35 bucks to get from the Bullpen bar next to the stadium to the Airport (even know the airport is a mere 10 minutes away).

    As for the backpacks, security is usually flexible about it, as long as you follow the rules. Make it a simple standard size backpack, if it's too complicated security wont let it thru. If it has any compartments that comes out, have it out and expose and ready for inspection BEFORE you get tot he gate. Unzip everything and anything.

    Coolers, same thing... if you have the plastic box inside the cooler, remove it and keep it in the car or at home. That plastic box will not make it thru.

    No aluminum/glass/hard plastic cans or bottles of any kinds. This means soda cans, red bull cans, bug spray cans, perfume, hairspray, spray sunscreen, ect. You're typical 20 oz plastic coke bottle from the gas station is fine. But if it's open, they will sniff it for alcohol. And if there is alcohol... depending if youre drunk or not, you may not get in at all.

    no knives or any kind. that include pocketknives, belt knives, your beloved boy scout knife you've been carrying for 40 years.... no going thru. You have a choice to either take it back to your car or throw it out before you come in.

    I cant tell you how many times the lines get held up because of these rules they choose to ignore. I cant tell you how many times someone gets pissed and walks off in a huff because they think the rules dont apply to them.

    I dont make the rules, I just tell you.


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      I always bring a backpack to the game. It makes it easier to bring my glove, camera, snacks, drinks, and etc. I never have a problem getting in. Just make sure you take out non-essentials. I have seen people who forgot that maybe they had a pocket knife or other object in their bag and have had to give it up. I bring a bag that has a few different pockets and have never had a problem. Not much to worry about there unless you act suspicious.
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