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Looking for 1991-1993 Braves reg season games on DVD or VHS

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  • Looking for 1991-1993 Braves reg season games on DVD or VHS

    Hello guys,

    First post on the board. Just wanted to say, I've been a huge Braves fan for over 20 years and hope we can somehow get back into the postseason and get us a ring.

    Just was curious if anyone here had any collection of Braves games from the early 90s in the reg. season in our run to postseason success....1991-1995 was probably my favorite time as a Braves fan, and I'll never forget the 1991 season, my favorite season ever chasing the Dodgers down the stretch, 1992 chasing the Reds until about August, and coming back from 10 games back of the Giants in late July to overtake them the final game of the season. Also grew up a huge Dale Murphy fan in the late 80s. If anyone has any games, would you help me out? Thanks.


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    ditto here...would love to have some of these games on DVD.


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      I have got a lot of the postseason stuff on VHS...but cannot part with them.
      I dont know how good the replication of them would be either. I still watch the things....sad isnt it?


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        i have lots of braves games going back as early as 1979... email me if anyone is interested


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          If I had a VHS to AVI converter, I'd create em for you, but I have no idea where my VHS tapes are at now. Either at my mom's or my aunt's.
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