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  • LaRoche...just a question

    I have a question about LaRoche, what do yall think his potential is? Is he a potential .280, 25-30hr guy? Or he is going to stick around .260 20hr?

    After all he shouldn't be platooning 1st anymore right? So in theory an extra 100abs could maybe bump up his numbers a little more.

    Plus, what is his projected place in the batting order? 5th?

    I"m curious for one thing, another is I'm big in fantasy baseball and one of my teams is (I think) in good shape, but I only have Prince Fielder as a 1b, and I was thinking of picking up LaRoche. Tony Clark is also available but I have my doubts as to what season he will have. I'm mainly hung between Broussard and LaRoche.

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    He still could see some platooning at first, given he hasn't hit lefties well. I would take a gamble on Laroche, but if you look in the newest issue of ESPN The Magazine they have some tips on drafting players of every positions. If you want a rundown let me know, I'll PM you.
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      i highly doubt adam with ever hit more than 25 bombs, he might be a good pickup though cause i do think he has the abilty to hit 300 or more. hes a great gap to gap hitter. and don't ask me why but he's the guy i want up when the game is on the line....
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        Not that I have anything against LaRoche, but I found Brad Wilkerson on the wavier wire, so I went with him.

        I've always thought LaRoche has some really nice potential. To me he could develop into a Fred McGriff type hitter, just with less power (20-25 instead of 30-35). For now I'd be happy if he would get more patience at the plate to wait for better pitches and maybe get more walks.

        I definitely appreciate the offer ABF. You're one of the reasons I posted this here, hehe. My main strategy when drafting is to draft young (below 30) more or less, and pick up an extra catcher and 2 extra RPs if I can. They always make good trade bait.

        With any luck I'll have a trade going of B.J. Ryan for Lance Berkman with the idea of playing him at 1st.


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