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Hampton considering retirement?

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  • Hampton considering retirement?

    He seems to be thinking about it anyway.

    He had an MRI done and it showed no tear of his pectoral muscle but he did say that it "felt worse than before."

    Would you guys turn down 15 million dollars and retire early? I wouldnt.

    Having said that, the Braves must start looking to acquire some starting pitching depth...with the likely loss of Hampton for the rest of the season and Smoltzie returning to the bullpen...we dont really have a choice.

    Ringolsby thinks that the Braves might be interested in reacquiring Kevin Millwood. This link courtesy of

    We are definately going to have to do something though. What are we willing to give up and how much would we be willing to spend. What is out there that we could get? :noidea

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    I knew we should have spent millions and millions to get Santana this offseason.
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      I'd welcome Mills back with open arms.
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        I would rather have a healthy Hampton as opposed to a healthy Millwood...but beggars cant be choosers...

        When Hampton is healthy he is "lights out"...probably more so than Huddy.


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          How can you remember?

          Sorry, that joke was crying out to be made.
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            Yeah, key word in that sentence was "when" healthy. I don't think he has been "healthy" since 2004. It doesn't do any good to have a 20 game winner who may be lights out, if he is always injured. On that note, I support the guy 100%, and vote that he doesn't give in and retire just yet. I want to see him get out there and win some games and prove the doubters wrong. On the Braves getting pitching help...I would much rather see the braves get a young guy with a lot of potential rather than Millwood or Reyes (Cardinals) as is also a rumor. I would really have liked the Braves to have gone after Volquez of the then-Rangers or something on that terms. I would absolutely LOVE to see Tim Lincecum in a Braves uni.
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              Maybe the Braves can replace Hampton with Kevin Brown or Carl Pavano. ZING!


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                IMHO the Braves should not get Millwood. He is set to make 11 million next year and 12 million the following one. He is pitching pretty solid right now, but he is coming off of a terrible year. I'd like to see what some of the younger pitchers in our system can do. Jurrjens has clearly cemented himself into the rotation along with Hudson/Glavine. Let's give Reyes and James a chance. The only way they will learn to pitch is by being given the chance to go out there every fifth day. That's what we did with Glavine and Smoltz in the late 80's. Just think what would have happened to our club if we had given up on them due to early struggles in favor of veterans. Of course, expectations are different for the team now than they were then. Our payroll is not at the top of the league like it was in the mid 90's. I think builiding young players is going to give us a much better chance of winning that acquiring older players with big contracts who are fast approaching the down side of their career.
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                  no way he is retiring when he could get 12 mil for doing the same thing. Sit on his butt.


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                    I don't think Millwood would be a wise choice. He does carry the Braves nostalgia, but he also carries a fat check. I'm afraid that the Braves are getting too desperate for pitching and are willing to pickup anyone with remote success right now. I like Millwood, but from a financial perspective I'm not sure if it would be wise to trade for him.

                    Are the Giants still dangling Matt Cain?? And Yes, Hampton does need to retire.
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                      I think the braves should be okay. I mean assuming hudson, glavine and jurrjens stay solid. They add in reyes, and like I said before I think bennett has been a capable number five. Then morton, james and hampton are wild cards. Also, if smoltz goes back to the pen and soriano and gonzo are healthy. that's a nasty 7-9 innings. So with the success of acosta too and some members of the pen, that shortens the game to five or six innings. Then there is little pressure on glavine, jurrjens and reyes to go deep into games.


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