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I have a couple of questions. Please help!

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  • I have a couple of questions. Please help!

    Has anyone been on the tour of Turner Field?
    Is it worth it?
    Has anyone here been to batting practice before any Atlanta Brave games? Do you have any opportunities to get autographs,pictures with some of the players,etc. before the game?
    I want to make a sign to take to a game to try & get on tv, but I'm not sure what to put. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!!! Go Braves!!!

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    Here is what I know. Never been on the tour. But I'm sure it's good. I have known people to get behind the scenes tour and it seems very nice. It's not very expensive.

    About batting practice. I go to it every game I go to. I go to get balls, but I have done the auto thing before. Best chance is get there 2.5 hours before the game. Enter the stadium at the main gates. Then when inside go stand near section 127 or so. They will open these gates 2 hours before the game starts. Then run down the hallways and go stand down in the section beside the dugout. Section 117 I believe. This is the best place to get Braves autos. If you are looking for the visiting team autos, do the same thing, just on the opposite side of the stadium. After BP is over, try to get a spot near the bullpen. Relief pitchers and bullpen coaches almost always sign before the game if you are nice enough about it. Mark Lemke and Chip Caray sign in the plaza before the game, about 2 hours before the game, if you're interested in that.

    As for a sign, I have no idea what to put on it. The best tip I have is if you are sitting in a section near the dugouts there are camera men on the outfield end of the dugouts that record people between innings. If you make a big deal for a while they are sure to put you up on the screen.

    When are you going to the game? Good luck.
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      Originally posted by Tyler4 View Post
      I want to make a sign to take to a game to try & get on tv, but I'm not sure what to put. Does anyone have any ideas?
      Here's an idea. If you're doing anything to get on TV, get a life. How about making a sign (or wearing something funny, or whatever) to have fun, to express yourself, to relate to the game, to amuse other folks in the ballpark. Then, if you happen to get shown on TV, it will be because you're actually contributing to the fun of the ballpark. (You'll be memorialized in a bunch of fan snapshots too.)

      I'm not trying to be mean. There's a real point here. Don't think about taking a sign to a ball game until you actually have something to say.

      Oh, welcome to Baseball Fever.


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