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  • The Future of the Braves

    Since we haven't had much to post about other then games I thought I would post some articles on top guys in the minor leagues. I will put up two or three articles per post and would love to here what you guys have to say about them.

    Today I will post three articles on three guys that may be the future of the Braves Rotation.

    Originally posted by
    Full Name: Julio Teheran Pinto
    Age: 17 (DOB: Jan 27, 1991)
    Location: Columbia
    Signed: 2007 with the Braves for $800,000 (highest ever for a Colombian)

    He was recruited by five different organizations, and threw a 92 mph fastball in try-outs. Typically he averages about 94 mph. Baseball is in his blood; apparently his uncle, Miguel Teheran was a stand-out player (and is a current talent scout in Colombia - for the Braves, might I add). He’s tall and thin, 6′2.4″, 189 pounds. Growing up, he was called “the Horse” because of his size, force, and conviction. He has a consistent curve ball and sinker, and his other pitches are at least average. He’s a Curt Schilling and John Smoltz admirer, and according to sources will be playing AA ball in 2008. Many hope that in three years he will continue in the footsteps of Emiliano Fruit, the first Colombian pitcher in the Major Leagues.

    Venezuelan Daniel Mavarez (Barranquilla pitching coach) says Teheran’s the best he’s ever seen for his age in Latin America. For the past two years, the Yankees, BoSox, Mets, Cardinals, and Tigers have been eyeing him, and are rumored to have even offered more money for him than the Braves laid out. Why did he land in Atlanta? Well, we can apparently thank Uncle Miguel for that one, too - and maybe a bit to Edgar Renteria for having a brother who has been linked to Teheran in Columbian league play, and for being a “magnificent” mentor to young Julio when he came to visit Atlanta. We’ll definitely let you know more as we find it out, because we’re just as interested as the next guy.

    Original Source :
    From some reports he amazed a lot of the pitching coaches in the Braves system at Spring Training and made the Braves number one pick last year (Jason Heyward) look pretty bad against him. Thank God the Braves had his uncle as a scout.

    Originally posted by
    Scouting Report: Cole Rohrbough


    Cole Rohrbough was a draft-and-follow taken in the 22nd round of the 2006 draft by the Atlanta Braves. The Western Nevada Community College alum certainly made a splash in his first season of professional baseball.

    Rohrbough stands at 6-foot-3 and weighs 205 pounds. He’s a left-handed pitcher with good stuff and has shown good results in limited professional innings.

    Rorhbough spent time with Atlanta’s Rookie League affiliate, Danville and Low-A, Rome this season. At Danville, he threw 33.1 innings striking out 58 and walking just eight. He allowed 20 hits, only four of which were for extra bases. 83% of his batters faced ended via a strikeout or groundball.

    After his promotion to Rome, Rorhbough slowed down a bit. In 28 innings, Rohrbough struck out 38 and walked 12. He allowed just 13 hits but eight of those were for extra bases.


    Rohrbough throws three pitches all of which have at least plus-potential. He has the ability to throw all of his pitches for strikes, making them even more effective. He has good command. He throws all his pitches from the same arm slot and is deceptive in his delivery.

    His fastball sits in the low 90s with plus movement. From a lefty, this can be a very devastating pitch. His fastball could be a plus pitch for him if he can continue to work on his control.

    His change up is slightly above average. It lacks a real sharpness to it. It comes at hitters looking like a fastball with the same arm speed as his fastball.

    Rohrbough’s best pitch is a knuckle curve. Most of his success is derived from this pitch. It’s his most consistent pitch and he controls it better than his other pitches.


    Rohrbough has a good pitching knowledge. Though he’s been on a strict pitch count this season, Rohrbough has taken a great attitude toward pitching. He has a great baseball mind.


    Rohrbough needs time to improve his control and keep working against better hitters. Though everything is a small sample size, his XBH% in Low-A is concerning. Atlanta should give him the opportunity to start in High-A next season and give him the opportunity to move up if he succeeds.

    Rohrbough has the stuff to become a #2 pitcher if he can put everything together and continue to improve.

    Original Soure :
    Personally I really like Rohrbough right now he projects as a solid mid rotation guy but if he puts it all together could easily be a top tier pitcher. While some have compared him to Clayton Kershaw it is still premature. Stuff wise I would say he compares well to Cole Hamels not to say he will ever reach that level of success but their pitches and build are similar.

    Originally posted by
    Prospect Profile: Tommy Hanson

    Tommy Hanson was drafted by the Braves in the 22nd round in 2005, a draft-and-follow pick from Riverside CC in California. He signed and made his pro debut in 2006, going 4-1, 2.09 with a 56/9 K/BB ratio in 51 innings for Danville in the Appalachian League, showing excellent control of a fastball/curveball/changeup combination. I gave him a Grade C+ in the 2007 book, but noted that he had higher potential and that there was a chance he could break through in '07 and '08, possibly emerging as a top prospect.

    Hanson began 2007 with Rome in the Sally League, going 2-6 but with a 2.59 ERA and a 90/26 K/BB in 73 innings, with just 51 hits allowed. Promoted to Myrtle Beach at mid-season, he went 3-3, 4.20 with a 64/32 K/BB in 60 innings. The main negative here was an elevated home run rate at Myrtle Beach, with 10 homers given up in just 11 starts and 60 innings. Nevertheless, I was impressed with him and gave him a Grade B+ in the book this year, a grade for which I took some flack. Most people seemed to think he was more of a Grade B/B- type guy.

    2008 has been great so far: 3-1, 0.79 for Myrtle Beach, with a 42/10 K/BB in 34 innings and just 14 hits allowed, zero homers. Yes he's repeating the league, but given the way he's dominated so far I imagine a promotion to Double-A will be in order shortly and we'll get a better read on his progress then. He's just 21 so although he's a league-repeater he isn't old for the competition by any means.

    Hanson is a big guy at 6-6, 210 pounds but he keeps his mechanics in gear most of the time. His fastball is solid at 89-92 MPH, with movement. His curveball is excellent and he's made significant improvements with his changeup. My only real concern here is that he's very much a fly ball pitcher, which could leave him vulnerable to excessive gophers at higher levels.

    It's too early to draw comparisons to other pitchers, but if he stays healthy I think Hanson projects as a number three starter. If he can pick up a bit more consistent velocity and maintain his command, he could exceed that. Let's see what happens when he hits Double-A. Does his strikeout rate stay steady? Do the home runs come back? These are the two main questions for me.

    Original Source :
    Tommy struggled again in his last Double A start but is still adjusting so it is hard to say what he will do there. Hanson has great talent and the pitches to be a major league pitcher but will need to continue his development of his control to become that guy.

    If you guys want to add anything I would be happy to see it but I would love to here what you guys think of these guys.

    Next three guys will be : Gorkys Hernandez, Jason Heyward, Cody Johnson
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    Teheran: I have been hearing good stuff about this guy as well. Is he still pitching in extended spring training games? when do they end, by the way?

    Rohrbough: Is he pitching yet? I thought he was injuried.

    Hanson: I really like hanson's potential, ability and mindset from what I have seen and heard from this kid. I totally expect him to straighten things out and maybe be in AAA next season.


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      Originally posted by chip&smoltz95 View Post
      Teheran: I have been hearing good stuff about this guy as well. Is he still pitching in extended spring training games? when do they end, by the way?

      Rohrbough: Is he pitching yet? I thought he was injuried.
      Teheran is still in extend spring training and from reports will be moving on to Rome in about a week or two.

      Rohrbough has missed about a 6 weeks with shoulder discomfort but is now pitching in Rome. Right now he has only pitched 4 innings in a game but I believe that is a team choice not his. He has pitched in 2 games and 8 innings giving up 3 ERs, has struckout 12 and walked only 2. According to guys like Bill Shanks he is only going to be staying there for about a month and then move on to Myrtle Beach.
      Extend Prado!!!


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