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"Built To Win" - Schuerholz's New Book

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  • "Built To Win" - Schuerholz's New Book

    Due out next week. Look forward to reading it. Here's a little taste of it.

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    I just pre-ordered mine from Amazon. The story on the AJC is pretty interesting, especially about the almost-done trade for Bonds.
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      That seems like juicy info! Be sure to tell us how it is when you get it.
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        I'm glad John is finally letting the fans know some info we've missed over the past 15 years.

        Hope You're books a best seller
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          Another interesting read about the book. I guess this ends any speculation of Glavine returning to ATL. Does anyone know the date the book will be released?
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            The second article was very interesting since if you read the small part of the book that was in the paper at no time did he blame Glavine we will have to wait to see if he does in the book but from the small part of the book that Glavine was told about he seemed to have overeacted. From the AJC article it seemed like if Schuerholz was going to blame anyone he blamed Tom's agent and the players union. Tom needs to calm down about this since it didn't like a huge deal.
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