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  • My Trade

    Orioles Get
    Laroche 20 HR 78 RBI
    Reitsma 76 Games 3.96 ERA 15 SV

    Atlanta Gets
    Todd Williams 72 Games 3.30 ERA
    Aaron Rackers 2.57 ERA (AAA) 3.29 ERA (MLB)

    Trade Benefits Both Teams:
    The Orioles get a more powerful 1st baseman than Jeff Conine who they have starting at that position.And may I add younger who has a bigger upside. The Orioles also get a solid bullpen arm as compensation for the 2 arms Atlanta gets.

    What can be said...The Braves get much needed help to the bullpen. Williams is dependable if not exceptional late innings guy, and Rackers could blossom into an exceptional Set-Up /Closer guy, if he is not already at that level now.

    This trade is meant for about the first 2 moths of the season. If the Braves bullpen guys start to fail, I really believe the Braves could swing this deal. This way the Braves could use Thorman/Jurries/or even Salty at 1B.

    If the Orioles plan of Jeff Conine playing 1B fails, this is a trade the Orioles should think about swinging. With LaRoche playing everyday ,he could hit 30 HRs' for them. Plus Mazzone, has worked with Reitsma in the past, so he's a familiar face.

    Keep in mind this trade is only for April,May or early June. And only if LaRoche is less than spectacular and our bullpen is not on the up and up so to speak.

    So any opinions ??? Looks pretty balanced to me.
    Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007

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    I don't like the deal we give up our starting 1B and possible closer for Todd Williams who from his stats looks like an above-average MRP and a guy who hasn't proven anything. The Braves already have a couple prospects for the SU and CL in Joey Devine, Blaine Boyer, and Anthony Lerew. If Reitsma fails as the closer then we have a couple backups that could takeover that role. I don't mind trading LaRoche since his position could be taken over by a couple guys that look like a better hitter. I like that you are coming up with possible trades though so keep them coming.

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      Reitsma is our guy for now followed probably by Devine. I don't see any way we'd trade him unless it was for a more proven guy.
      Let's go Braves!!


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