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how does this trade sound? Braves-Pirates

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  • how does this trade sound? Braves-Pirates

    Pirates and the Braves

    Braves Get: Craig Wilson, platoon hitter with LaRoche at 1st, good guy off the bench, and backup in the outfield. Plus, I'm pretty sure I remember him being a catcher at one point. Wilson is penciled in at $3.3mil this season. But I think he would get enough at bats to justify it.

    Pirates Get: Thompson or H.Ramierz, nuff said, clears a spot for one of the new guys. Payroll sound even out between losing and gaining a player.

    I've heard rumors of the Braves going after Wilson, and to me it would be a good fit for the Braves, and even for the Pirates. I would like to see it go through.

    What do you all think of it?

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    From what I am hearing I think Jurries is going to be filling the role you have lined out for wilson. Aside from that the only way this trade looks remotely good is if it is Thompson traded (even then I do not like it). If you were to trade Ramirez your starting rotation would be Hudson, Smoltz, Thompson, Sosa, Davies. Yeah looking at the names it seems alright, but they are all righties and that is bad. the only other left handed starter the Braves have right now (I believe) is Chuck James. Another thing is Ramirez is a fine young pitcher that had some troubles last year, he will bounce back and be quite effective. I guess the simple answer to your question is I do not like it because the Braves give up too much to get a moderate return. I am not opposed to trading Thompson, but I think they can get more for him.
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      I like the trade except, we need solid relievers. I would do John Thomson and Ryan Basner for Craig Wilson and Matt Capps or something along the lines of that. But IMO I don't think we're gonna need Craig Wilson. Cox has his mind set on either Jordan or Jurries for the 5th bench spot.

      If the braves plan to make a trade, it'll involve Thomson, and he'll be shipped out for a reliever. At HOTLANTADUGOUT there is a great article on what teams the braves may trade with.
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        Thompson is having a pretty nasty spring, didn't realize that yesterday, so now I doubt that the Braves will move him at all since they couldn't get "good" value for him at this point. Unless there is an injury somewhere and a team wants a SP really badly.


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          I say we don't make any trade unless the need arises, what's wrong with having 6 starting pitchers? If one goes down, reach into the pen and get one. What if Mike Hampton was healthy? Then a trade would really need to happen.
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            A trade may need to happen now.

            Macay McBride isn't getting any better and his arm may keep him out past opening day. So if he isn't healthy and reliable we'll have to make a trade.
            Especially since Foster is out till who knows when, and Remlinger has an ERA. of 9.00 this spring.
            So without making a trade you have Remlinger and James as your 2 leftys. The Braves need to turn a deal.

            John Thomson and Cash to the Cubs for Will Ohman.
            Ohman,a lefty, had an awesome season last year. He would be a great addition to the Braves bullpen. He has had a shaky spring with an ERA over 6, but he has more k than innings pitched. And I'm sure if the Braves got their hands on him they could turn him around.

            Plus the Cubs, as usual, have injuries on their starting pitching. They would love to have a vet like Thomson as an option to go to in the rotation.

            And in the trade the braves would send some cash to make up for the difference in salaries.

            Plus the Cubs already have a top lefty in Scott Eyre and John Koronka has looked impressive to them this spring so Ohman is an availible option.

            The trade seems even. Hope the braves try and pull it off.
            Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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              For some reason I can't see the Braves trading a starting pitcher, but I think they may try to sign a pitcher before the season starts.
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                It would be hard to get good return on a pitcher like Thompson at this time of year. A couple of months into the season though people start to worry about the postseason enough to really want someone.

                I think the Braves will work out something sooner or later, especially if they can cut payroll doing it.


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