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Rotation 2: Questions Loom

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  • Rotation 2: Questions Loom

    1. Tim Hudson LOCK*
    2. John Smoltz LOCK*
    3. Horacio Ramirez LOCK*
    4. Kyle Davies LOCK*
    5. Sosa (Fav) Thomson (Vet)

    The above 4 are locked in including Davies, who ,as usual this spring, pitched excellent Wednesday versus the Phils.
    The 5th spot is likely to go to Sosa. I don't care if you call it luck or what, but when you go 13-3 with 2.55 ERA you deserve a spot in the rotation. Sosa was a little rusty on wednesday as he gave up 4 runs in his first inning of work, but worked 2 perfect innings afterward retiring 8 in a row ,and striking out 5 in 3 innings.
    Thomson's last chance for a spot is on Thursday when he starts. He's been horific this spring. I think he's have to string together a few games of shutout ball for Cox,to even consider, shortchanging Sosa of his spot.

    So as Mike Myere's so eloquently said on Saturday Night Live
    "Talk amongst yourselves! I'm fuklempt"
    Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007

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    Thomson is already being dangled as trade bait for bullpen help, the only thing is teams may be more interested in Sosa.
    I signed with the Milwaukee Braves for three-thousand dollars. That bothered my dad at the time because he didn't have that kind of dough. But he eventually scraped it up.~Bob Uecker

    "While he had a total of forty home runs in his first two big-league seasons, it is unlikely that Aaron will break any records in this department." ~ Furman Bisher, Atlanta Journal and Constitution "journalist"


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