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April 25 Man Roster

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  • April 25 Man Roster

    This is an opinion thread for what you believe the opening day roster shall be.

    2B Marcus Giles
    SS Edgar Renteria
    3B Chipper Jones
    CF Andruw Jones
    1B Adam LaRoche
    RF Jeff Francoeur
    C Brian McCann
    LF Ryan Langerhans

    INF Wilson Betemit
    OF Matt Diaz
    C Todd Pratt
    INF/OF/C Pete Orr
    OF/1B Brian Jordan

    1 R Tim Hudson
    2 R John Smoltz
    3 L Horacio Ramirez
    4 R Jorge Sosa
    5 R Kyle Davies

    LR L Chuck James
    LR R Blaine Boyer
    MR R Lance Cormier
    MR L Mike Remlinger
    MR R Joey Devine
    SU R Oscar Villareal

    CL R Chris Reitsma
    Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007

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    Other than the absence of John Thomson (who'll probably return to the Rotation) I agree with your roster.
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      Thats the best roster I can think of


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        I am thinking that Bobby might platoon Matt Diaz and Ryan Langerhans in LF, a bit of a power/contact platoon.
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          My only problem with a platoon is the difference in defensive abilities. Matt Diaz is probably pretty ok defensivly in LF. But Langerhans is frankly, SUPERB.
          I'd love to get Diaz's bat in the lineup also. I'd tie Diaz with a certain starter, for instance how the braves would tie Eddie Perez to Greg Maddux.
          So let's say Langerhans starts there when Hudson, Ramirez, Davies, and Sosa pitch, but Diaz starts when Smoltz pitches. Just an example.

          I'll just say it's better to have too much talent, than too little. We could have a successful a platoon as Eli Marrero and Charles Thomas. Talk about superb WHEW!!!
          Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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            I think the one that might not be there is Brian Jordan I like him and his veteran exp. but I think we need a backup 1B that has been doing it longer then just for spring training. Jurries ST numbers are good even though they mean nothing his offense will more then likely be better then Jordan whos bat speed has slowed enough that he can't get around on inside heat.
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              I'd agree with that roster too.

              Jurries numbers this spring were awesome, he led the team with his batting avg in the grapefruit league.

              Jordan had a pretty good spring too, but probably would have made it based on his veteran experience alone.

              I'd much rather see Jurries platoon with LaRoche than Jordan though, but I understand why Jordan makes the cut above Jurries.

              Its good to hear Boyer threw 20 or so pitches without pain, I think yesterday. And Retisma's hamstring is suppose to be almost back to normal too.


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