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Where's the Braves pitching?

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  • Where's the Braves pitching?

    That was an ugly win on Tuesday afternoon. Whatever happened to the Braves pitching? We can't rely on slugging to carry the day for the whole season. Let's hope that the pitchers get their act together as the season progresses.

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    CWU, keep in mind this was just the first game of the season. I mean we can hardly base anything off of that. It was indeed a lousy day for the Braves pitchers, but it was also a lousy day for LA pitchers.
    I'd wait about 40 games to make a prognostication for how sufficient or insufficient our pitching staff is.
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      Well you could really tell it was opening day 3 Errors for the Braves and using all but one pitcher out of the bullpen. Hopefully this game was just opening day rust and not a beginning of the bad season. But since its only day one the we shouldn't worry right now.
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