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2006 Braves The Show Replay

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  • 2006 Braves The Show Replay

    Game 1 My lineup

    1. Marcus Giles
    2. Adam LaRoche (.355 average in spring )
    3. Chipper Jones
    4. Jeff Francoeur ( 7 homers and 23 rbis in spring )
    5. Andruw Jones
    6. Brian McCann
    7. Edgar Renteria ( .215 average in spring )
    8. Ryan Langerhans
    9. John Smoltz

    First inning: Marcus had a hit and then groundouts afterwards.
    Second Inning: Side Retired, a great catch by Lofton. Stuck out Navvaro to retire the side.
    Third Inning: Penny had 2 k's. Once again I'm hitless. Lofton rips me off in a short roller to short.
    Fourth Inning: Chipper goes yard!!! A two-out solo ]blast!!!
    Fifth Inning: I retire the side striking out Nomar. Penny has 7 k's right now in 5.1 innings!!! !!! They get the final out of Renteria caught stealing
    Sixth inning: Ricky Ledee starts off the inning by striking out. Penny now has 8 k's!!! Now 9, striking out Smoltz. Now 10!!!!!!!
    Seventh Inning: After 6.0 innings John Smoltz threw only 41 pitches, his energy bar is almost full!!!! Penny picks up he 12th K!!! ( i suck )
    Eigth Inning I am now warming up Villarreal just incase. Andruw Jones goes long!!! a no-out solo shot. 2-0.
    Langerhans goes long!!! 3-0. ( Take Penny out!!! )
    Ninth Ininng Villarreal is in. Choi is pinch-hitting for Penny two outs. Game is won!!! Here are the key stats by each team:

    Chipper Jones 1-4 Hr, RBI
    Andruw Jones 1-3 Hr, RBI
    Ryan Langerhans 1-3 Hr, RBI
    Kenny Lofton 2-4
    Brad Penny IP 6.1 K 12 Loss

    W John Smoltz 1-0
    L Brad Penny 0-1
    S Oscar Villarreal 1
    Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)

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    Um...This is???:noidea

    But may I ask why in the world is LaRoche...the slowest guy on the team hitting second. You must be wanting alotttta double plays.
    Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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      It's the PS2 AWESOME baseball game...where you can play/manage or manage lite with Sportscenter Mode

      Hank Aaron, I suggest you try all 3, for best stat results...I hardly K and hardly walk...but the Phils are notorious at K'ing at the wrong time and they can draw a Manage and Sportscenter your guys will K and walk more

      Sportscenter Mode...stealing is a bit easier then the other 2 modes for the CPU...they are more aggressive as well

      As for Starting LaRoche 2nd...he probably is doing that because of what they did in Spring Training, which is very realistic...but keep an eye on GIDP for LaRoche


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        Oh okay, thanks for clearing it up, I was wondering what in the heck that was.
        Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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