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Sosa Living On Borrowed Time???

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  • Sosa Living On Borrowed Time???

    Jorge Sosa was pretty bad in spring training...then he was awful in his 1st start, now he has been very mediocre in his last 2 starts. When will the Braves have enough?

    He goes against Atlanta's philosophy of pitching. He lives high and in- in the zone. Half the time his breaking ball flutters when it's higher than the belt, and batters tattoo it.

    He has been shaky at covering 1B and has been walking the pitcher. Plus when he faced Carlos Delgado (who owns him) instead of giving him nothing to hit (pitching around him with out intentionally BBing him) he challenged him with some juicy pitches, one of which landed out in the LF of Shea stadium.

    Likely when Horacio Ramirez returns he will take over Sosa's spot in the rotation, after the emergence of John Thomson. Peter Moylan will be sent down, to make room for Horacio. Then a little after that Macay McBride is going to be ready.

    So assuming Ken Ray starts pitching well again, and Remlinger and James keep pitching the way they do. It comes down between, Sosa and McBride.

    Remlinger has been clutch this year, the one loss he has, he doesn't deserve because the cause of that was a huge mis-played ball by Ryan Langerhans. Chuck James has pitched beyond his years, coming in and getting big outs, and pitching 2-3 innings at a time.

    Cormier and Villarreal have been awesome, Ray has been awesome barring 1 appearance. And whether or not you like Reitsma has 4 saves in 5 opportunities, despite his high ERA.

    Jorge Sosa is not as good of a reliever IMO as Macay McBride. I think Macay has the ability to be a SU man, not to mention a top lefty in the bullpen. Sosa will blossom into nothing more than a solid long reliever and spot starter.

    It'll be about 3 weeks before Horacio and McBride are both ready, but look for Sosa to spend a brief stint in the bullpen, and then sent to AAA or shipped on his merry way.
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    I'd wager that Sosa has at least one more start left before he gets yanked from the rotation. I'd like to see Chuck James get a couple of shots at a rotation spot, see what he can do with it.

    I like the idea of trying out a couple guys for the spot more then Horacio Ramirez getting it back as soon as he's back. Ramirez isn't that great even for a no. 5.

    Of course if Davies has another fine performance like he did last time, Sosa might stick around a little longer so he could get taken out, who knows about that though. We could always bring up Damien Moss from Richmond and see if he can have another season like he did with the Braves last time.


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      Yeah, he has already lost the amount games he lost last season, everybody knew he had a lucky season last year. I hope Horacio can get back and the relievers can get their act together.
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        Originally posted by Go Bravos!!!#1[I
        From another thread[/I]]I believe he was a little lucky last year, minus the luck, I believe his era. may have been in the mid 3's. But I agree with Cox, you can't give up on a HEALTHY 28 year old who had the season he had last year, for a mid-age health questonable vetern starter, before the season begins.
        Sometimes you have more waffles than the Waffle House.

        For what it is worth I agre that Sosa will find himself back in the bullpen, but that is because I feel that is where is value is. He can serve as a long reliever or spot start when needed. Ramirez showed last year that he is not good from the Pen plus he is the only lefty starter the Braves have.
        I signed with the Milwaukee Braves for three-thousand dollars. That bothered my dad at the time because he didn't have that kind of dough. But he eventually scraped it up.~Bob Uecker

        "While he had a total of forty home runs in his first two big-league seasons, it is unlikely that Aaron will break any records in this department." ~ Furman Bisher, Atlanta Journal and Constitution "journalist"


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          Me and John Kerry own the Waffle House :atthepc

          What can I say, I've had a change of heart.

          (You oughta see the choices I've had for closer.)
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            Sosa in the Bullpen?

            I agree its likely that Sosa will play his way out of the rotation. Someone mentioned earlier that he "goes against the Braves philosophy of pitching", but thats not quire right, while he may well end up in the wrong places, its not because he is purposely going against the grain, its because he has no idea where he is throwing the ball. I like Sosa, his stuff can be electric, but no one knows where the pitch is going once he throws it, not even him.

            Sosa has NO value in the bullpen. A few of you have talked about how lucky he was last year, and you are absolutely right. As lucky as he was as a starter, he was even luckier as a reliever. He pitched 27 innings in relief with 24 hits and 19 walks. 43 baserunners in 27 innings! Do you really want that coming out of the bullpen, and do you really think thats valuable?

            He will most likely end up in the bullpen, though i hope that he in fact ends up in AAA - he has potential, much like Juan Cruz did, but its best to let him work that out in AAA, if he can't learn to control his stuff then its best to cut ties..

            Bring up Moss? Did someone really say that and mean it? Don't just look at his won/loss record with the Braves back in '02, you have to check out his peripheral stats as well. He walks too many guys and doesn't strike out enough to make up for hit. he was lucky enough to pitch for a very good team that could put up a lot of wins behind him. His record was much more indicative of the Braves than it was of his actual ability.
            I watched him pitch in the WBC this spring and he was no different, in fact he was wilder.

            I like a lot of the other ideas running around here though. Id like to see James in the rotation, though im not sure he is ready, and McBride deserves to be on the team. Once he is done rehabbing, someone has to go back down.

            Love reading y'alls posts, keep up the good work.

            If you want to read some great stuff about the Braves, check out
            There's a great "inteview" with John Smoltz.. to lighten the mood.

            Go Braves!


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              I think Sosa may be going to the bullpen when Ramirez returns. Thomson has earned the right to stay in the rotation. When McBride is healthy the Braves will have a tough decision to make. Chuck James could go down and be a starter at Richmond if the Braves see his future as in the rotation. But he has done all they could ask being the second lefty and the long relief guy out of the pen so it would be tough to send him down after that. Of course McBride is more of a traditional lefty reliever unlike James who has always been a starter. Sosa could take over as the long relief guy if the Braves decide to use McBride in the pen and make James a starter again at AAA, but that would be a tough call. They could just decide to leave McBride at AAA for now, send Moylan down when Ramirez returns, and move Sosa to the pen. A trade is still a very viable option as well but with the injuries we've already had it is risky to trade any starters even though we do have James waiting in the wings.
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                I just have trouble sending down a really good lefty, who knows how to pitch, gets out of jams, and has an ERA. under 3. I think for the bullpen to remain "good" James has to stay and serve as an effective long reliever.
                Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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                  Saw today that Sosa is going to be skipped in the rotation because of the off day tomorrow. Looks like Cox is adjusting the lineup so Sosa is the 5th starterand can move back to the bullpen without a lot of effort when Ramirez is healthy. It will also allow Cox to put Ramirez in at the 5th spot so if he needs a day off it can easily be worked in.
                  I signed with the Milwaukee Braves for three-thousand dollars. That bothered my dad at the time because he didn't have that kind of dough. But he eventually scraped it up.~Bob Uecker

                  "While he had a total of forty home runs in his first two big-league seasons, it is unlikely that Aaron will break any records in this department." ~ Furman Bisher, Atlanta Journal and Constitution "journalist"


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