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    Atleast the Braves have a consistant fan base in like 15K-20K every game. The Tampa Rays who mind you were just in the world series draw an average like 7K to the games! Atlanta is still a growing city and a lot of people moving from other places. With the Braves being taken off TBS and fellow Braves Die Hard fans like myself have to buy mlb extra innings to even watch a game since I don't live in Georgia anymore to be able to watch it on peachtree tv like many others can. This season will turn it all around for us. Braves are going to take back over the East and on to win the ship for Bobby! "Atleast I can dream that anyway"!
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      Originally posted by xholdourownx View Post
      Many fans are there just to be in the environment of the stadium but not quite the support if the team. They are starting to become like New York fans as much as I hate saying it. If we win they like us, but if not then they don't waste the time. It is the same with all the teams in Atlanta.
      I can only assume from this statement that you have never lived in the Tri State area and only know about New York (and Philly and Boston) fans from what you read or see on tv. I have lived in both places, NY and GA and I can tell you with certainty that the fans in New York are much better than those in Georgia (when talking about baseball). New Yorkers are hard on their teams and players because the expectation is to win a championship every year. When a team starts to perform as say the Mets have over the last five years they take it personally and will be hard on the players and administration but they still love the team and show up in droves.

      Braves fans on the other hand seem to expect to flop. One of the most common things I heard during their 14 year run was, "I wonder how they are going to blow it this year." As soon as the team starts doing poorly it's "Fire Bobby Cox!" or "Chipper needs to reitre!" When the front office makes weird moves like dropping Glavine and trading Francoeur for Church it's "What a bunch of idiots!"

      The difference is Atlanta fans will not go see the team play despite the tradition.
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