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What's up with Adam Laroche?

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    Please agree with me when I say: CALL UP JURRIES!!!!!
    Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)


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      Can't say I'd agree with you HA86 when Jurries is hitting .235, with only 2 extra base hits at AAA. Now how about Thorman, who's hitting .301 with homers and 10 extra base hits. The I'd probably agree with you.
      Simply... TAKING BACK THE EAST IN 2007


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        Scott Thorman really is making things interesting down at Richmond, his homer total is up to 8, if he keeps this up for a while longer he'll be a shoe-in to get called up sometime this season. Especially the way LaRoche is going.

        It's strange saying that too since LaRoche is basically doing better so far this year then he did last season. If you were to assume he keeps up the pace he is on now, which to me is believable, he would end up like this:

        63 runs, 39 doubles, 18 homers, 81 rbis, 63BB, 120K, with a BA close to .250

        He is on pace to almost equal his playing time from last year as well. Of all his stats I would doubt he would get to 39 doubles the most, but everything else I could see LaRoche making.

        Thorman certainly isn't a gold glover at this point, but his glovework is far from bad.


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          There is no question that Laroche has made some improvements. His K rate has dropped a bit and his walk rate has gone up. His power numbers have declined a bit, but i think that is because he is actually trying to hit the ball where its pitched, and not trying to yank everything out of the park.
          His swing is really too long and slow to ever be a huge home run guy with any kind of decent on base percentage, so im not too upset with the trade off.
          I could actually see Laroche hitting 40 doubles, I've been surprised by his relatively "low" doubles totals over the last two years. IT will be interesting to see what happens. I think that if we see a spike in his HRs, that his doubles rate will decline, but that if he continues on at a 20 HR pace, he could very well hit 40 doubles.

          Someone else that is making things interesting is Kelly Johnson. His rehab is coming along great and he is smacking the heck out of the ball. The concern is still his throwing, which makes me think he could be a possiblity at first base as well...


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