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    I chose Mike Hampton to lead the team in wins, because Tim Hudson will have so much pressure on him to succeed. Yeah, new scenery could help, but then again when you have to come to your home state and perform as the team's ace it has to be tough.

    My predictions:

    John Smoltz- 15-8
    Horacio Ramirez- 13-9
    Tim Hudson- 16-6
    Mike Hampton- 17-10
    John Thomson- 13-11

    74 wins for the SP, 44 loses for the SP. 20 wins for the bullpen, 24 loses.

    Can I get some agreement?
    Everybody calls my predictions absurd!
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      Your predictions aren't absurd at all. But you are predicting a 94-68 record. Excluding the strike-shortened seasons of '94 and '95, that would be the second lowest win total for the Braves since '91. (The only won 88 in '01.) I have a little higher hopes for this team. Depending on how strong and/or balanced the division is, 94 may or may not be enough to win it again. But it should be enough for the Wild Card.

      I'm usually the skeptic, but this year I'm feeling unusually good about this team. Of course, I don't really have anything to base that on other than a gut feeling. But I think this team will win close to 100 games, if not more. I just can't wait for the regular season to get here so we can see how it all plays out.

      ATL22, I didn't realize the Braves played 22 out of the first 23 days of the season so Cox will definetly have to use a five man rotation through that. By then he should have a pretty good idea on how to play it. None of these guys, in my mind, need to be skipped over unless their health dictates it. So I look for him to play it much like he did last year unless any of them suffer new or re-occuring injuries. Let's just hope that doesn't happen!


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        94-68 isn't bad at all, not bad for the Braves or any team. I think 100 wins is a little too much to predict, because we have a pitcher coming into a new league, a pitcher who hasn't started in 5 years, and a pitcher coming off a big injury. We might be able to win 100 games, but mid-90's sounds more realistic. And who knows 95 wins could win the division, I'm still not real high on the NL East, we're jsut looking at the Mets and Marlins on paper, who knows if they'll produce.
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          I think Hudson will be dominant and close up on the 20 win mark... I hope his batting duties don't distract him too much from the job at hand. But I guess Bobby and Leo have that on their minds and it should not be too hard for Tim to adjust.
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            Hitting won't be hard for Hudson, I saw him during interleague play one time, and he looked like he had some good wheels.
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              As of 5/01:

              Hampton: 3
              Smoltz: 2
              Hudson: 2
              Thomson: 2
              Bernero: 2
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                  As of 5/27:

                  Hudson: 5
                  Hampton: 4
                  Smoltz: 3
                  Thomson: 3
                  Ramirez: 3
                  Bernero: 3
                  2016 World Series Champions


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                    My predictions are

                    Hudson 14
                    Smoltz 14
                    Ramirez 11
                    Hampton 5
                    Thompson 4
                    Rest in Peace Jose Fernandez (1992-2016)


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