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Davies surgery needed. Out for the Season?

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  • Davies surgery needed. Out for the Season?

    Davies has a torn groin muscle and Dr. Bill Meyers determined that he needs surgery in order to repair the damage. No one is quite sure how long Davies will be out, but repairing torn muscles means a lot of downtime, one in the groin would just add to that with it essentially being hard to move much at all without using a groin muscle in some way (simply walking for instance).

    I for one would think Davies would be out basically the rest of the season, or at the earliest until very late July early August.

    In the meantime the Braves have called up Anthony Lerew, the same Lerew that has been stinking it up at Richmond so far this season. Here's hoping that the kid can give off on the right foot during his stay.

    Also, the Braves are expected to call up Travis Smith to make Davies scheduled start at Arizona, I think on Saturday. Most likely after that Horacio Ramirez will rejoin the rotation and Smith will be sent back down.

    In related news, there is now talk of the Braves eventually moving Chuck James into the rotation, i.e. getting Sosa out of it, when James comes back from the DL. I've seen that the Braves are planning on rehabbing James in a way to build back up his stamina and give him a shot in the rotation.;_ylt=Ah4gwYg1kF1mVGk4R2FC3IgRvLYF?slug=ap-braves-davies&prov=ap&type=lgns
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    Lerew is also a potential in getting Davies start on Saturday. Considering how badly Lerew did in his last start at Richmond (last Saturday), I sure hope not.

    Lerew lasted 4.1 innings 5 runs, 5 hits, 7 walks.

    I'd much rather see Travis Smith if nothing else I'd rather keep Lerew in the minors until he gets back on track and rebuilds his confidence.


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      Just to keep updating this Lerew was sent back down to Richmond and Lance Cormier was activated off the DL.

      I would guess that means they are leaning toward Smith for the start.


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        First Post Ever

        I read on than T. Smith was slated to get start, but perhaps Davies poor season could be attributed to playing through an existing injury. To me his command looked off since the CG against the mets.

        All will be right when the Lefty Maddux (C. James) breaks into the rotation, he could be a winner. Everytime he took the mound this year, even down four runs, it looked like he held nothing back. That kind of fire spreads throughout the entire clubhouse.
        "Never expect anything and you'll always be suprised" - Unknown


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