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Braves 2014-15 Off-Season Thread

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  • I had the exact same injury last fall and it didn't take all that long for me to get over it and I'm twice his age. But it was painful and did require a lot of rest. Seeing the way he's struggled the last two years, any time off at this juncture of the season can't be a good thing for him. But it may turnout to be a blessing in disguise if he has to spend part of the early season rehabbing in the minors. Perhaps if he has some success at that level it could help his confidence and hopefully he could carry that over when he's called up. But, you all know my take on BJ, er..Melvin and I don't expect to ever see any return on that investment. But I'm willing to give him a chance to prove me wrong, and hope he does. He just better hope whoever gets the job coming out of the spring sucks as bad as he has for the last two years.


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