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  • Carlos Lee???

    I saw this article from the Trib that was posted @

    Lee may join Cubs
    Chicago Tribune (registration required)

    Impending Brewers free agent Carlos Lee has expressed an interest in playing for the Cubs next year, but Tribune writer Paul Sullivan says the slugger will be looking for a five-year deal in the $75 million range.
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    Carlos Lee doesn't deserve a 5 yr 15 million a year contract. He is an atrocious defensive player. He's probably worth about what he is getting now. 8.5 million a year, and I would give him no more then 4 years.


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      He still has a house in Chicago and wants to live here again. Thats a lot of money for the guy. Is he really worth that much? Does his play deserve a pay raise from 8.5 m to 15 m? I think the Cubs would be nuts to spend that much for him.
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        Lee will be 31 next year. Pretty difficult to lay $15M for a number of years for a non-superstar talent at that age. And it is ridiculous to suppose that the Trib would pony up that kind of dough.
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          he's going to be looking for a long time indeed if he expects anyone to give him 15 mil per.

          and hes not atrocious in the field. certainly he isnt a gold glover, but hes not a total butcher out there. Certainly not worse than Man Ram.


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            Yeah he is pretty bad out there. He plays balls badly, once they drop in he gets to them rather poorly and his best feature is that he has probably an average arm. He is a left fielder and I wouldn't even say he was average on defense for a left fielder. He may not be the worst in the game but he is not good, he is not average.


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              Not my money, sign him up!


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                Carlos Lee
                Age	AB	AVG	OBP	SLG	OPS	H	2B	HR	BB
                23	492	293	312	463	775	144	32	16	13
                24	572	301	345	484	829	172	29	24	38
                25	558	269	321	468	789	150	33	24	38
                26	492	264	359	484	843	130	26	26	75
                27	623	291	331	499	830	181	35	31	37
                28	591	305	366	525	891	180	37	31	54
                29	618	265	324	487	811	164	41	32	57
                30*	608	283	347	583	930	172	30	51	65
                -	4246	284	338	495	833	174	36	30	50
                *current paces
                comes down to do you want to give a bunch of money to a guy who is one of the worst defenders around and up until this year had production similar to Raul Ibanez and Garrett Anderson.

                it also creates the problem of positioning. Murton can't play RF, nor can he play 1B because of DLee.

                Jones could move, but CLee can't play RF. heck, you could make the case he can't play LF either.

                that leaves Pierre. Murton doesn't have the range for CF. but Jones defensive instincts (even though he has lost some range) probably can make up enough for him to play in center with at least Pierre capability (and a much better arm to boot), but that still leaves Murton or Lee in right.

                so it comes down to this to me;

                1). Hendry needs to be able to admit he made a mistake and either bench or jettison Pierre.

                2). not spend more than 9 million of guarenteed monies on Carlos Lee. and give him as many incentives as needed.

                3). will the pitching staff have one or both of the proper mix of a high strikeout rate and groundball pitchers to compensate for an exceedingly poor OF defense?

                and of course, that could change with some much needed position player turnover...
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                  A few years ago there was the trading of Richy Sexon because the Brewers were doing so pour that they could not afford him.

                  This year do to this year and the previous year Nelson (Brewers GM) says that they have enough money to re-sign him.

                  But than you have to think about who else you wouldn't be able to afford if you lose him.

                  They can't give up Chris Cappuano because he is probably thier ace in the rotation right now.

                  Geoff Jenkins is a guy that I hear around here a lot. I too would probably join the band wagon but than I think of how good he is defensively. Good arm and he makes the catches when they are needed. So no.

                  Now I here some around here say that If he goes we still have Prince Fielder we can afford the loss.
                  But he is a rookie and although he is putting out good numbers he would not be able to fill the power gap in the lineup. Give him anouther year or two and I would think about it.

                  Than we can think about tradeing Ben Sheets. Although he is a good pitcher he misses a lot of games due to injury, not just this year but last year he missed time due to an inner ear infection. This is probably a good way to go because the rookie pitchers are stepping it up and Dave Bush I think is improving.

                  Is Lee moving. I hope not. But with the already tight budget and the increase in his pay after this year it doesnt look good for us Brewer fans.
                  GO BREWERS


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                    Wood is gone regardless, but if teams are interested @ the trading deadline, i'm all ears. and for prior, i think we have to hold onto him, i wouldn't be able to live if he went somewhere else and won a bunch of cy youngs. I think this will be our staff as of next season.

                    1. Zambrano
                    2. Prior
                    3. Guzman
                    4. Hill/ Marshall (depends on who is still in the organization)
                    5. We better spend some f'n money on PROVEN talent

                    I also don't see maddux coming back, he started off 5-0 but since then he is 2-8, I think he will retire, but I don't want him back if he's just a dead weight with a no trade clause


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                      Maddux doesn't have an actual no trade clause to my knowledge.


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