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Success at the Box Office is the death of the Cubs

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  • Success at the Box Office is the death of the Cubs

    I guarantee you that if Wrigley Field was empty, Cub management would make some changes. Maybe even sell the team to someone who cares. But with 40,000 people showing up to watch the Cubs lose, they will continue to lose. What is the incentive to change? STOP GOING TO WRIGLEY.

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    Making change doesn't mean it would be progress. Going to Wrigley or not going to Wrigley has very litte to do with the product on the field being good or not.


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      Over the years the makeup of Wrigley has changed dramatically. And yes, Ive been going to the place since the early 60s so I know. Its not true to say serious baseball fans dont still go to the place, because they do. Generally I'd say there are less, and, "more" people who just want to party and eyeball the opposite sex.

      There are other dynamics at work also that are going to keep the Cubs in the current "sell-out" cycle no matter how they play. There are a lot of people with $$ who live in the area and want the Wrigley, and Wrigley neighborhood after the game, experience. With such a crush on tickets folks have to buy them early and often, and, there's always someone willing to pay for your ticket no matter where the Cubs are, and probably for more then you payed.

      Lastly Wrigley tickets are so expensive who is going to sit home when you already shelled out $200 to take your family to a game? And who would do so just to make a statement? Very few would!

      Of course season ticket holders dont want to sell because what if they actually had a team one year? That and when they are doing well they are probably making money past the face value of the ticket, who knows? Maybe they are when they are losing too. Hell, corporations actually pay $10,000 for a rooftop across from the place, "again more gravy for the conglomerate".

      I saw all this 20+ years ago and since I'm malicious, petty, and vindictive, I became a Sox fan. Even them, as I was with the Cubs, I'd take 50 lashes from a spiked whip before I backed a loser.
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        It's more than "success at the box office". The Cubs have been losing for so long, I honestly believe there is a psychological/mental thing going on with wearing that Cubs uniform. I believe..... if you took the team, changed the name and put them in another city things would be different.

        Come on, they have a losing reputation to uphold. No smiley for vomiting, or I'd have to do some serious smiley abuse.
        What two words strike fear into every Cubs fan?
        Oh, no.


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