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Wrigley Injuries?

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  • Wrigley Injuries?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a difficult question to ask. But being true hardcore baseball fans, I'm sure it won't be that hard!

    I'm having a heck of a time locating some statistics...perhaps some knowledgeable old-time fan can give me a hand.

    I'm trying to locate statistics involving outfielder injuries--specifically injuries received from players hitting the metal doors in the Wrigley outfield.

    As I watched the Crosstown this past weekend I saw Matt Murton smash against the metal doors in left field. Thankfully he was not injured, but surely over Wrigley's long history some players--Cubs or otherwise--must have been hurt. They do not have to be serious injuries--even a sprained ankle or a bruise is sufficient.

    If anyone can provide ANY information about this, I'd be most grateful. If you are able, PLEASE provide the name of the resource from which you obtained the stats (a certain website, book, etc).

    Thanks a million!!


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    One last note--

    If the GAME DATE, OPPOSING TEAM, INJURED PLAYER'S NAME, AND TYPE OF INJURY can be provided it would help a TON.

    Thanks again!!!

    Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      I am working on finding this info for you.

      As you might suspect, this data will not be easy to collect. I will keep you posted on what I find.

      By the way, welcome to



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        I'm not sure on giving the exact injuries and species, etc but retrosheet has a good collection of box scores that he can work through to find some stuff.
        What a Batted Ball is Worth (in terms of a run):
        Line Drive: .356
        HBP: .342
        Non-Intentional Walk: .315
        Intentional Walk: .176
        Outfield Fly: .035
        Groundball: -.101
        Bunts: -.103
        Infield Fly: -.243
        Strikeout: -.287
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          It may be old news to most here, but that site posted by Bob ( is amazing.


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            Strange but I cant remember one serious injury from running into those doors. As far as I'm concerned those doors should be padded because one serious injury is one to many.
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              Ben Grieve hit the wall (I don't think it was a door, but rather the bricks behind the ivy) a few years ago and his sunglasses cut his forehead.
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                Originally posted by E.Banks#14
                Ben Grieve hit the wall (I don't think it was a door, but rather the bricks behind the ivy) a few years ago and his sunglasses cut his forehead.


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