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    I voted Pronk. Liriano was deserving, but what difference or excitement will he add to the game? Pronk could change the game w/ 1 swing. AJ? I can't even believe it! It is almost embarrasing as a baseball fan to say that "we as fans chose AJ"! There is definitely something not right with this system!


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      Originally posted by Cubs Fan in TN
      There is definitely something not right with this system!
      The rule that each team has to have at least one all-star is the biggest problem.
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        Originally posted by Nverve1
        I had no idea that Pronk was a known sure of this Bob? And regardless, you should've voted based on stats not attitude. It's actually laughable that Pronk wasn't selected in the fan voting alone. Then to be snubbed by Ozzie is laughable. Then to top it all off to lose to AJ in the last man contest is a traveshamockery. I'd say one of hte biggest all-star snubbs in recent memory.
        I didn't snub Hafner who should have been a selected starter (that I DID vote for) instead of Ortiz, based purely on attitude. In case of a pitcher like Liriano who absolutely has dominanted in his initial season and Hafner, who should have been on the team by Ozzie's inclusion; I take the pitcher especially when I'm divided, if anything purely because "this counts" and for the added arm on the roster "just in case".

        Originally posted by BoofBonser26
        Hafner IS NOT a jerk. I have no idea where that comes from. Completely baseless. COMPLETELY.

        I'm a Tribe fan. I know how he behaves for 162 games. He's not a jerk. Rather, he's a great guy with a great sense of humor who is one of the most popular members of the clubhouse.
        Yeah hate to break it to ya but he is a jerk. Mister Sykeston, ND town of 500 completely screwed over the people who helped get him where he is today. I known of several first hand accounts from individuals I'ved talked to in the ND area and in the baseball circuit who've played with him.
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          I like Hafner but IMO, Liriano should be the starter for the A.L. in the All Star game!!!!!! He is amazing!!!!!
          Tinker, Evers, Chance & Steinfeldt: The nucleus of our elite World Series teams!!!!


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