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Rusch Shut down:Blood Clot in Lung

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  • Rusch Shut down:Blood Clot in Lung

    man, scary news for Glendon Rusch tonight. Im glad they caught it in time, because its definitely life threatening.

    CHICAGO -- Cubs pitcher Glendon Rusch was hospitalized on Tuesday night with a blood clot in his right lung, and is done pitching for the season.

    Rusch, 31, had a pulmonary embolism, Cubs athletic trainer Mark O'Neal said on Wednesday. The left-hander will remain hospitalized for two to three days, and be on blood-thinning medication for three to six months, O'Neal said.

    O'Neal said Rusch was in the weight room at Wrigley Field when he felt pain in the right side of his chest radiating up to his shoulder.

    Dr. Stephen Adams, the Cubs physician, determined the problem was not muscle related, and Rusch was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

    "Is it life threatening? Yes," O'Neal said. "This was caught early. We're obviously very thankful that we didn't sit on this, and he was evaluated last night.

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    He needed to be shut down a long time ago. But I hate to see him shut down because of the blood clot not ineffectiveness.
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      Good thing they shut him down. If they didn't, he could have got very hurt or possibly die from the blood clot in his lung. May we say the best prayers for Sir Glendon James Rusch.


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        Prayers accomplished that he gets well and goes home to his family soon.
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          My wife's cousin died @ the age of 32 of that.


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            I hope Rusch gets better soon.


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              yea you never want to hear something like that


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